Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend update

Another weekend down, plenty more to go! Hard to believe we're at the half year mark. I need to look at my goals and see where I stand. I am only hoping I'm somewhat close to the halfway mark as well.

One thing that defines Maryland is humidity! And we're getting some heavy doses of that right now. It makes a cool 75 degree feel like a hot 90 day. When we were in Texas, it did get to 90, but it was dry and there was a breeze, so we barely felt it, even when we went park seeing and a bit of unscheduled hiking. Oh well. Lovely weather.

Anyone else think eBay's double dipping fees are ridiculous?! Charged fees at eBay (for shipping too!), then charged fees at Paypal. My dad's almost sad he's sold most of a bulk of things he had, and now is scouring around for additional things to sell. We sold some old inks we were going to throw away for a nice chunk change. Though the inks were mine, I'm putting all proceeds into his account. He may not know it, but his savings are already up to $750! He sells electronic parts and pieces from salvages he's picked over the years. Who knew a flat screen power supply board would sell for $50?

Speaking of his proceeds... I told him of the possibility of me moving back in, if I can't find a place (which honest to goodness, I still haven't!). Of course he was much too happy about it. I did tell him I'd be paying rent, which he refused, but it's not up to him. I told him to think over what to do with the money in case I cant find the perfect (or good... or acceptable) place to move to by the end of the month. He still refused, but I reminded him I have the log ins for most of the household bills and could just pay them... but if push comes to shove, it will just go to "his" savings account. I'd love to prepay his car insurance, which is almost $300/mo. He'd save so much if he paid 6 months ahead, but that's not in the cards just yet.

Now, I understand moving back isn't the popular option. Yeah, we had our differences, mostly with my mother and my siblings. Yes, I still have most of those differences with my mother, but she's not home and wont be for the foreseeable future (2+ months). When she returns, we can just go back to the cold shoulder. I have no quarrel with my siblings anymore... in a matter of 6 months, either going off on their own or the military changed them to some degree where they're family again. I'm still figuring out how to deal about that. It is not the ideal choice, but IF my search ends up not coming through, I am quite alright with the alternative. I'll be moving soon enough out of state, so I may not have another chance to spend time like that in the foreseeable future.


  1. You're such a good daughter! I hope my little one is just like you when she grows up...

    YES HATE EBAY FEES!! I've payed well in to the 1000's and that's not counting PayPal...


  2. I'm staying away from Ebay because of all the fees. I have much better luck on the local classifieds (especially Facebook ones). I do hope you will find your own place and avoid possible drama! :)

  3. Ugh.. and here I was considering Ebay for one specific item I have been unable to sell locally (i.e. Craigslist).