Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another case of "no good deed goes unpunished"?

I keep a fairly regular eye on my credit FAKO scores (and FICO through my DiscoverIt card), but every so often, I find a few hiccups... most are through Creditkarma.com, where they are super slow reporting anything. I've had the same score (which is almost 30pts higher than any FICO reported) for about 8 months now, despite paying off 4 different debt items, getting a new credit card, and getting a new auto loan. Not sure I trust them at all because of this, but it's a free check up.
However, I came across this while checking my Credit.com score:

UMMM...? Sorry for decreasing my debt usage from 2% to 1%! I've always kept my limits below 5% since paying off my credit cards about 2 years ago, but for the past two months, it's been hovering 2%, and apparently, they saw it drop to 1% and punished me a whole 6pts. Not nice.

Granted, I know (or would assume in good faith) that the decrease has nothing to do with my usage, but with the existence of the car loan, two separate pings on my credit for said auto loan, and the newly increased debt limits. They may be lagging on that reporting.

But if not, I guess the old saying is true... no good deed goes unpunished!

PS: I am experimenting with WordPress a bit, so pardon the mess with the blog. Hopefully nothing will be too damaged before/during/after the transition!


  1. I moved to Wordpress and wish I didn't. I miss blogger lol.

    1. Haha. I sure will too. I'm just playing around as is.

  2. I haven't checked my score with Credit Karma in ages....I have been going off of my Discover FICO, and like you said...it hasn't changed in months.

    Amazing how you are "punished" for being responsible!

    BTW....what happened with your penny that you owed on your student loan???

    1. I have no idea. I did "pay it", and then my account ended in -0.01. Then they closed the account without another word. I guess they kept it!