Friday, June 6, 2014

Total vacation expenditure: About $200

It doesn't feel like I ever left the state, except for the sore throat. Seriously, it needs to GO! For such a short week, the expenses would have you thinking otherwise...

All has been posted from my trip on my credit card statements. Below is the ugly breakdown. It doesn't include pre-paid things that came out of my travel fund, like the $550 tickets for 2, or prepaid car rental (original price-- you will see what I mean)

Unrelated costs: $36 for renewing my driver's license that expires in 2 months; $153 for increased car insurance premium.
= $189.00. This was paid from my slush fund.

While traveling:
Shooting range: $54.02 (got $30 reimbursed from my sister, which was later spent on food because she left her wallet in the car)
Gas: $25.01 (before leaving MD)
Gas while traveling: $22.30
Rental car: $129.86** (supposed to be $85, a $44.86 difference)
BWI parking: $32.00
Outback dinner: $25.63
Misc purchases for dad: $40.96 to include 1 shirts, 2 caps
= $199.92 (Or $244.78 counting the car rental difference)

Wow, I knew I was spending, but the total really shocked me! I did pay for most things, since my brother and dad kept trying to pay for things, and me and my brother kept stopping him from doing so (and I am naturally competitive and providing). There were another, oh, $60 of gas spent, $25 for Outback (we split the bill), probably another $20-30 in misc foods and souvenirs. Not a cheap trip by any means.

Mandatory photo: Sister, dad, and me
with Austin behind us
As far as the car rental, that's good ol' stupidity tax. Short version: Rental was made in my name with my credit card. To add a secondary driver (my dad, who refuses to let me drive) added $11.xx a day. What I should've done was cancel the reservation and made a new one under my dad's name, but it was too crowded, too busy, and the counter people were not nice at all. Probably the only other not nice person I saw during the whole trip (other person was a TSA agent--figures!).

Still, all the money came out of my slush fund and not my EF, savings or became debt. My slush fund now sits at $80 (previously, it was $500), but oh well. We can rebuild. We have the technology!

I am working this weekend, so I guess that can give me a headstart on rebuilding my slush fund, and hopefully a chance to save some more money. Have a great weekend!


  1. But I hope you enjoyed your vacation :) Vacations always tend to be more expensive than you plan...

  2. I wanna see more pictures.....all the time......! 8-)))
    So all in tickets, car rental, food, you are under $1K. For where you went and what you did, that sounds very reasonable.
    Where did you stay while u were there?....I don't see any hotel costs or did someone else pick those up?

    1. My sister picked up for them with her employee discount. Otherwise, no way, no how! (It was about $39/ni in the heart of Austin).

  3. Pretty girls and looks like a happy dad :-)

  4. Great picture! Memories that will stay with you forever.........can't put a price on that!! Glad you had a good time!

  5. Oh aren't you so cute Tanner!! I don't think your expenses were terribly costly - I would consider myself lucky to only spend $200 on a trip. And like you say - you can rebuild the slush fund :) There's something about being on a holiday that opens my wallet!

  6. I just can't ever go back and worry about what I spend on vacation. To me, vacations are to get away FROM IT ALL, including the money stuff. I know what I can spend, I budget it out by day, and I let it fall where it may. Sometimes (mostly) there are overages, occasionally underages (is that a word?), but it's always worth because I'm on VACATION!

    Peace <3