Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Baby shower gifts

What happens when you're the only single person (of age) in the office? You get all sorts of fun tasks. I personally love making diaper cakes! And of course, I always go as cheap as possible when making these, without appearing cheap.
What ~160 rolled diapers look like
This diaper cake (I hope to have ready for a photo some time this weekend) will be a football stadium cake. It will be my first of that kind, so I am really looking forward to assembling it.

I know some of my readers build diaper cakes every so often. I normally dont roll mine, and just layer them instead. But since this design called for rolled diapers, I remembered those latex-free rubber bands my co-worker mentioned. The 'rainbow loom' fad which is going on now, with tiny rubber bands to make colorful bracelets. The bands are the perfect size to hold the diapers! And for less than $6 for 600 bands, you've got yourself a deal.

Diapers came from Amazon Prime, 234 size 1 Huggies for $33 and the bands were $6 (paid for with a giftcard from Christmas), then 2 sets of Ribbons, some misc items, and done. I'll be honest and say this cake will be much more expensive than others, even though I always use the same amount of diapers. That's because this will be a football themed diaper cake, so getting football themed ribbons and gifts did add to the cost, but not by a lot. A set of bib, bottle and paccy was $14 (NFL originals), and the team ribbon came to about $15 for 9 yards. It should still be very pretty to see once it's done. I hope!


  1. I can't wait to see your cake! Like you said, they can get pricy, but they look so darn cute when they are done.

  2. I can't wait to see it too! The most diapers I ever used for mine was 70 :)

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