Friday, January 31, 2014

Good bye, January! I'll look forward to next year!

Wow, one month already gone. January always feels like a breeze... more like a tornado! Gone fast and furious, and now it's time to pick up and rebuild.

Financially, it went well. As planned, which is always a plus. I paid all of my scheduled snowballs. One thing I thought would be painful would be to invest my 3-check month's extra pay into debt. Normally, I push that money away to savings and use it for stuff like my travel fund or portion of it as fun money, but not this time. I had a note dated 2/19/13 next to my Jan 2014 budget that reads "no more slack being cut, $ for vacations will NOT be from 3-check months!". I guess it helped a lot I had come to terms with that way in advance, so when the time came, it was just to go along with the plan, and not have to mull over this. Easy peasy.

Only $235 left on CC2, which is also my only credit report black eye (being 90 days late on payment due to not knowing of this card yet in 2010). I am so excited for Feb when I can pay it off! Lovely too that it will be on Feb 14th. Not a romantic date (haha, yeah, right!), but it'll be a good day regardless. I'm also on my last 3k of debt! Woot woot, go me!


  1. yay! Congrats to you for getting so close!

  2. Twerk that debt....twerk it right off the cliff!!!

    Yes, I just said that.....