Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is what happens when you deal with some companies...

My dad asked me to help them figure something out by calling a customer service rep. It was insurance related. I was put on hold for-e-ver. Don't believe me? I have proof!

Phone minutes usage since August 2013

Regardless, I managed to use up about 350 minutes in just 3-4 calls that got me nowhere. Then I got a friendly reminder that I was within 75% of my allotted minutes (450/mo). So I decided to leave it off until today when I get new minutes, and was placed on hold for an additional 178 minutes. Issue seems resolved, but will take "7-10 business days" to be sure. Riiiight... I have no faith this is the end of it.

However, I also noticed something. My discount with Verizon has expired. Boo hoo... now my bill will be $89 vs $76.  Yes, that's ouchy. Ouchy enough I've been looking at Straight Talk. I want to keep my Blackberry Bold very much. And I honestly have had it with Verizon anyway... I am not getting what I am paying off, so why am I paying?! I'll research my choices... cutting that bill to $45/mo would be very nice, and I can re-distribute the remaining funds to maybe my 401k or something fancy like that. Oh well. Another thing to work on this year!


  1. I have been hearing/reading things about Ting. I myself have done enough research to know it would not save us any money, but for many others it really seems to work out well. Another to look at on your list.

  2. Just be careful with coverage. ST, Ting, all use other networks, and whether or not you can connect at any given time depends on location and whether or not things are programmed correctly for that area. If you stay pretty stationary, and there is good coverage, go for it!
    Peace <3

  3. I think some companies just hope you'll eventually give up. Luckily I've never experienced waits that bad but have had my share of coverage issues that would take 4 or 5 calls until I got someone who cares enough to follow through with what they said.

  4. I pay $155 to ATT for 2 lines w. unlimited talk and text and 4GB shared data... seems high but when I shop around it pretty much comes out the same :(