Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free dinner, woot!

You know when there are a lot of fires around you, and work as you may, they just seem to be multiplying like dust bunnies? Welcome to my work week!

I was so busy in fact, that I completely did not have time to post about my rendezvous with Sluggy and her delightful hubby yesterday, who were cruising the coast and happened to be near my side of nowhere. We had emailed back and forth and decided on a place to commit crimes have dinner. It was truly lovely, and I'm really grateful. Kind of sad I did not decide to hide money at her place last time I was over like I normally do with my friends. Oh well. There's always next time, no? After all, I have to see that fancy new flooring and all the fresh paint.

So, THANKS, Sluggy, for treating me again. I'll make sure to pay it forward if you continue to refuse me to pay it back.


It only took one 39 degree weather dark morning to make me pull out the box containing my winter gear. And to remind me that I halved my winter clothes last year because either they didn't fit, the clothes were too old/shrunk/unusable, or I didn't like them at all and didn't wear them.

One of my co-workers said that they were having sales at the outlets near here, so I'll do that tonight. It's very likely I wont buy anything (I don't have any coupons for stuff in there), but I thought I'd take a look. Today is as good a day as any, especially since I am MIA on the weekends. Has anyone fully switched closets yet?


  1. No but I am going to sometime in the next few days. All the cotton blouses and capri pants go into the spare room and the wool suits for church come out! I need turtle necks and fleece vests, but can't find them and when I do they are not a decent price!

  2. It's still 80 degrees out here (northern California) during the day and nights and mornings are cool but not cold or even especially chilly. You might need a long sleeved t-shirt to be comfortable. But I am eagerly awaiting the cooler weather!

  3. Sluggy is a very nice gastropod. : )

  4. Nope, I wear short sleeves year round. It's only chilly from the door to the truck, and then for a block or two until it warms up. My office has heat (WAY too much in my opinion). My house has heat (far less, I like it cool and it saves me money).

    This weekend, all the cold weather gear is coming out, headed to the VA mountains for a camping trip...nights in the 20-30's, days in the 60's. Loving it!

    Peace <3

  5. So nice of sluggy to treat you again! She seems the type to do that for sure! :) Yes, we are "switched out"! It is COLD here now, no shirts here unless they're layered with sweaters. lol!

  6. I have finally done the switch over but still keep most of my short-sleeved shirts on hand due to frequent hot flashes!! I love hearing about fellow bloggers getting together - what a great bunch of friends we have become!