Friday, October 25, 2013

Anyone tried duplicating Holiday tower gifts?

We got a Harry and David catalogue at work. I just love seeing those things and all the pretty arrangements they have. My favorite ones are the 3 or 4 tier gift towers. I'll confess that once upon a time, back when I was young(er) and (more) foolish than I am now, I did get one of those towers to one of my best friends in California. I had received one myself from one of my part time jobs from that era, so I liked their quality and presentation. Then I wondered... has anyone ever tried to recreate the gift towers?

I spent a bit of time yesterday looking at the logistics of doing so. If I were to give out some of these, it'd be only to most of the people in my list (about 6 total). Only 2 would need to be shipped; the rest I would deliver. The budget is $50/person. Shipping would not be included in the budget.

Onto the materials.
Some blank boxes can be bought at Dollar Tree in different size packets (I think it's $1 for 2 of the small or medium ones), though I'd have to cover with wrapping paper, which means more supplies. They can also be bought as a set of 3 boxes around the net for about $9 each set. Or I could try and make them... or not.

Then there are the goodies...
This could be really cheap when bought in bulk. Home gathered nut mixes, skip the popcorn (or include a bag of kernels), chocolates, cookies and hard candies. Even Halloween candy would do, if it's not particularly Halloween-y in the wrappers.

But the funniest thing is that I haven't really found much about how to reproduce these online. Is it because it's too obvious, or am I looking the wrong places? Maybe the cost breaks even or becomes more expensive if done by hand, I'm not sure. But now that I have that on my head, I think I will look into it.


  1. Tanner, you are way more creative than me. I could not possibly recreate that but it is very pretty.

  2. This is a piece of cake and you are on the right track! Make a list of all the goodies and include items like ornaments or little stocking stuffers! I can't wait to see these!!! Keep your list handy and when u are out and about pick things up. It will be so easy. You might even be able to find shrink wrap at at craft store and use a blow dryer for it to seal! Have fun!

  3. If you want to do this frugally, go use the templates here

    You can use pre- decorated thin cardboard(like gift boxes are made of)or just white and decorate yourself with stampers or cut outs or buy some wallpaper border and glue it onto the cardboard before you assemble the boxes.
    Just fill and then assemble with ribbons and such.

    Your boxes should cost very little if you make them yourself. Then you can concentrate spending the bulk of your money on the goodies inside.

    1. Ah, I saw something similar, though they are rather small, and I'd need much bigger pieces to make, say, a 5x5, 6x6, 7x7 boxes. That's what discouraged me from making them. (I did the math and was saddened by it, because I learned a lot about edger punches!)

  4. If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, a lot of their Christmas stuff goes half price several times before Christmas. I have several of those boxes that were left from towers delivered to work over the years and I saved them and reuse them every year for presents for the Princess. Seriously cuts down on the amount of wrapping I have to do, and I like keeping that much more wrapping stuff out of landfills and such.

    1. I kept those we got at the office, but used quite a bit of them on other gifts... like the baby carriage for the baby cake and the filler on the bottom tier. Everyone laughed when they saw a sneak corner with the "ho ho ho" on it. Was feeling so lazy I forgot to cover the whole box. Oops.

  5. I just use gift bags - I am way too lazy to go to that much trouble lol! Then people give me the gift bags back the following Christmas! Reuse reuse reuse. I have a sister who goes all out on the gift wrapping - here gifts are amazingly beautiful on the outside - makes you care less about what's on the inside. Hmmmmm - good strategy!

  6. Because you brighten my day I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Thanks for making the world a brighter place!

  7. I'll just admit that since gift giving in my family is relegated to immediate family of which I have none, I have no experience. I love the idea of tower gifts as you present it but have never received nor given one. Good luck.

    Peace <3