Monday, October 21, 2013

Long weekend

I wish I could have my weekends back. I believe I've been working every weekend since about March or April (excluding vacation time), and the next break is looking like at the beginning of December if I am lucky. Bleh.

Had a fun start to my weekend, though. After driving back to my parents', we put in the new snazzy wheels and my ride looks mighty fine. And drives pretty too. And I shouldn't have any more dreams about a blown tire! But I am happy that's over with. Total cost for the whole thing: $40 per wheel, or $160, which included 2 good tires, a bad one and a wheel with no tire. 2 more tires were $40/ea (how come the used tires cost as much as used wheels?!), so another $80. Then to have the tires mounted on the wheels... my dad doesn't remember. Installation was free from my dad, so we're talking about $300 in all, which hits right on the mark of what I was saving for. Woo hoo!

Then Friday night came, and as the kind of person I am, wild and always living on the edge, I started to get drowsy promptly at 8pm. Had to help my dad with some things, so didn't actually go to sleep until about 11. Wish my night would've stopped there, but it didn't. My parents' dog is terrified of the "beep" from fire alarms that are going out of battery. And lucky me, there was one in my sibling's room that was beeping. So the dog was freaking out, came on my bed and pushed me to a corner (she never, ever does this), and kept me up from 3:30 to about 4:30, at which time I decided to relocate downstairs. The dog settled nicely, away from the beeping noise... but something else was keeping me up. The sound of a mouse. Constant, and rather loud. At about 5am, I decided to investigate where that was coming from, and it was stuck in a sticky trap (ew...). Since I wasn't going to do anything about that, I grabbed my blanket and went back upstairs. By about 6am, my sibling had shut off his fire alarm beeping sound and I slept until about 7 when my brother dropped the kids. Needless to say, I got no sleep and had to work at 3pm. I was HYPER by the time I returned home at about midnight! You know, the beyond-exhaustion hyperness? Fun times.

Sunday was more of the usual stuff (laundry, dishes, vegetating since I left my study book at the other house and my brain was fried). Watched the Bears lose to the Redskins (at least my office mate is really happy!). Best of all, I didn't spend any money at all. Today I have to go grocery shopping during my lunch break. This kind of cold weather puts me in the mood for sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli and hamburger patties.

Only 10 days left in October! Can't believe how quickly the month is going by.


  1. Oh boy......I prolly would have thrown the mouse/sticky trap and all outside.....or maybe thrown the sibling who wouldn't take the battery out of his smoke detector outside.....our maybe BOTH! lolz

    I bet you will be glad when wedding season is over finally. Just don't fall asleep early on Tuesday. ;-)

  2. What a night you had! Some vegetation was definitely in order.

    I'm glad you finally got those tires :)

  3. Glad the tire saga is over, and not too badly. My last set of tires with a TPMS repair was $842.

    Your schedule sounds CRAZY! And I'd sure close the door to that dog!!!

    Peace <3

  4. I live in a house with five dogs, and I have become acutely aware of just how annoying they can be. Lovely creatures, but only in small doses.