Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My biggest and constant budget blunder

First things first, I'm giving up on my goal to post so many posts a month.I knew from the get-go that was one of my allowed-to-fail goals, and right now, I'm throwing the towel. I wont be posting as much, but I'll continue to read and reply to blogs. I just don't have much to say at all and I get tired of my own writing talking about the same thing over and over.

Now that's out of the way, I came to an interesting note while replying to one of Sluggy's posts (man, I'm wearing off her name, arent I?). She had asked how much was spent on food during October, or something to that nature. Much to my surprise, my answer was this: $36.04. I know that had to be a mistake, so after much checking, I came up with the correct answer: $66.83. Ok, that is not that much better a number... but higher than the other.

Still, what gives?! That's less than $17/week. But if we really look into the details...
$7.94 and $9.86 were fast food. No excuse on those two, as one was while my dad was gone and I was the only at the house, and the other was my pity-reward for dragging myself to the outlets and not finding anything affordable to buy. That's $49.03 spent on actual groceries for a full month... not good. Not good at all! Most months, I am still below the $120/mo budget mark. I don't think I've hit $120 since December of last year.

You know how some people get upset at overspending or overeating? I get incredibly frustrated at the other way around. I don't like to eat a whole lot; never have. But I know I have to eat. My metabolism hasn't really restarted since July, and I'm not doing much to help it go. I hate spending on food (my priorities are so messed up), and I very much dislike cooking, especially with a household full of kids that aren't mine. I'm just that awkward 20-some renter who'd rather stay stuck in their room and play video games. Except that instead of video games, I am torturing my study book to give me the info that will hopefully answer questions correctly when December comes and the test is upon me. But I digress.

Overall, quite disappointed in the numbers...

Other than that, October wasn't so bad. Check it out:
The green looks intimidating, but it's mostly the $525 that I paid for the test that are out of place. The other $545 are the snowball against my biggest loan, and then regular loan payments. These student loans will go down to zero, if it's the last thing I do!

Light blue is rent, pretty typical. Auto and transport is off from the wheel issue, and everything else is pretty normal. (I did add $42 to parents' expense, but I'd take that over $100's any day!).

Here's to hoping November will come and go. Early Nov through mid Dec are my busiest months at work, so I know it will be a tight fight to keep my sanity, study (and hopefully pass) the test and not mess up royally at work... especially when it concerns employees' benefits. Stay well, everybody! Enjoy the nice fall weather wherever you are.


  1. Still, with the "blunders", not bad at all! I need the discipline you have with money. Good for you.

    Peace <3

  2. You definitely rock in the discipline department!

    1. (If you mean the meal budget) It's not discipline... just like under eating, is a bad habit I cant seem to shake off!
      If you meant the student loan, thanks!

  3. Whoa - if I spent that much in one week on food I'd be amazed!! I'm the opposite of you - I want to eat all of the time - I'm an emotional eater and i hate it! Can't wait til this school year is done and I can wean myself off meds that make me want to eat more. Le sigh...

  4. Post when you can! Good job on the budget!