Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation alternatives

What to do, what to do... when pieces of the puzzle don't fit?

I can't make the numbers work with my vacation plans. I can't travel to IL, stay in a hotel and rent a car as I wanted. Even without the car, which would defeat the purpose of this vacation, the costs come only so close. What would I eat and what would I do on the off time without as much as $20 leftover for the week? I'm creative, but not that much!

I've requested off the first week in August to do something. I just don't know what yet. I'm looking for something closer, maybe some place I can drive to and keep my car, stay at a cheap place and wander around aimlessly, on my own. Part of the money I was separating to pay for airfare could now be used for food and entertainment. How come I never include food in my travel budgets?! Of course, I can always stay home and study. And save the money. And regret it until next year.

Anyway, I still have the 6 pages of info that Sluggy gave me regarding the VA area. She said it'd take a person 2 weeks to do it all. Was that an untold challenge? Ha. It's a possibility.

My vacation budget for the year is $1000 and only $280 have been used for the concert. I may get myself some spending money for the concert, say, $50? That still leaves me with $670. More than enough for those $45/ni rooms I saw while wasting time in Priceline.

I still would prefer to go to Chicago. Oh well... one of these years. Just have to be patient.


  1. Heck, come up here and stay with me for free. There is a bus service that goes into Manhattan or Atlantic City if you want to make day trips.
    There is also Bethel NY to take a daytrip to where Woodstock happened.

    1. Ah, temptation, temptation. Though NY is so hot in the summer!

  2. When checking out those super cheap hotels,sometimes there is a reason they are super cheap --- be sure and check out --- its a website where people report if they've encountered bedbugs at a hotel, sometimes you can tell its just a disgruntled patron, but a hotel with multiple complaints means that something is probably up --- I travel for work some (and should be a lot more really soon), and I always use it. At a cost of $3K+ to truly effectively mitigate bedbugs, you DON'T want to risk bringing any home with you.

    1. That is quite a scary considerations. I know some low-end motels may be subject to this, but never thought hotels and inns would be affected. How scary.