Wednesday, July 17, 2013

No cavities!

Hurray! Went to dentist and got that squared away. Because of some scheduling mess in their office, I couldn't complete the cleanings today. Total cost for a cleaning and a million xrays: $146. $66 today, $80 in a few weeks when the actual cleaning takes place. That is a lot cheaper than I was expecting it to be, considering I have no dental insurance. And of course, good news is that despite me not going to the dentist's office for almost 6-8 years, my teeth are pretty good, and so are my gums. Did I mention no cavities? The dentist and I were both very impressed, and I was quite relieved.

Slight bad news on the horizon: I've always known my bottom wisdom teeth push on the rest of my teeth. They've already crushed one on my right side. Now, it seems they are jeopardizing my back molars. No immediate danger, but it could come at any moment, to the point that it would be best to get my wisdom  (bottom) teeth removed. I told him I honestly wasn't planning on doing that, and with the cost for such things, I'd rather get insurance than pay it out of pocket, and he was comfortable with that idea. I will revisit this next year.

August is coming... and coming soon. It's my birth month, as well as a 3-check month, and I'm taking a "vacation" sometime the first week. More on that later. But the 3-check month is something to be excited for sure. I had the sense of not assigning it to anything, which means it's a free for all! ... Yeah, right. It'll most likely be to help me with my shortfalls. But it's still nice to get some "extra" money.


  1. Are you a Crest kid??? ;)

    August sounds fabulous....

  2. Many people think cavities only affect children, but changes that occur with aging make cavities an adult problem too. Recession of the gums (a pulling away of gum tissue from the teeth), often associated with an increased incidence of gingivitis (gum disease), can expose tooth roots to plaque. Also, sugary food cravings can make anyone more vulnerable to developing cavities. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Good news indeed about the teeth :) Dental bills are always so darned expensive so it's nice that you don't have to worry about any sort of major dental work.

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