Monday, July 22, 2013

Another financial tracker

Unwillingly, I adjusted my budget/financial spreadsheet. This was to fully incorporate the budget change to -$80/pay period. Total damage is about $1000, assuming nothing changes from now until Apr 2015. Might not sound like a whole lot, but it is very important I zero out before moving. I was not zero'ing out before this summer either, but at least I was only short by $150. Now it's over $1,150. I have time to deal with the shortage (ahem, 21 months to be exact), but it was disappointing nonetheless to see the line move farther away and not closer.

You'd think getting the full $1,150 was an easy task. Relatively easy considering the 21 months to achieve it. But there are a lot of goals demanding money be given to them, and priorities must be observed. Debt has my full attention until early next March, as well as keeping track of and achieving my yearly goals before year end. Next up will be a more reliable source of transportation, and then the move. Of course, all my goal has eyes for is stable income. It doesn't account for bonuses, extra from my PT job, or random sources of money. There may still be hope!

As always, planning and looking ahead can not only give you direction, but let you know when that original path has been changed, vanished or upgraded.

This weekend at my parents' was a bit more expensive than anything I could afford. I went out with my dad to get his car ready for a trip he'll be making for work in his car (so we got motor oil, A/C refills, windshield wiper fluid) and I still find my weakness in providing food for them. I bought some juices, something for dinner that night, and something for them for the next few days. I guess that's how some parents feel about their kids, no? Don't tell me I'm the only one! (even if my situation is reversed)

Back to studying for now.


  1. You are doing really well with your debt pay down, judging from your progress bars so well done on that!! I anticipate that we will also need to help out my aging parents financially before too much longer. You are not the only one by any means!

  2. It really hurts every time I have to read about you giving your parents money/gasoline/Ipads/gifts/et al. I feel like you're jeopardizing your own future by not allowing them to learn that their actions have consequences. I know you love your dad, but he is just as culpable as your mother is many ways. I mean, he stood by as she stole from you. I know that's hard for you to hear, but maybe you need to.

    I wish you'd just focus on taking care of YOU, and let them worry about how they're going to pay for gas. Your father is an adult, maybe it's time for you to let him act like one. You're not responsible for paying for his stuff.

    I keep saying this to you in the hopes that it clicks one day. I know you want to move away, but it's going to be very hard with the ball and chain of your family weighing on you.