Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid month Financial review

I was keeping tally of all of my cash purchases in a sheet in my wallet. Alas, that sheet has taken to disappearing, and I am not sure where it is now. Most of the expenses there were food anyway. I don't buy other things in person besides gas and food.

Let's look at the non-food expenses since Jul 1, most of them online:
$22.99 for the shoes
$76.00 gas
$22.80 Amazon (personal care prods)
$54.85 Printing PDF study book and binding, Staples*
$55.09 Office chair for home*
$25.40 Home office supplies, CDs, binders (-$20 rebate in the mail)
$152.67 Contacts from VisionDirect (-$25 rebate in the mail)

Total damage: $409.80.

In my account at the moment: $243.21

Difference: -$166.59

We could stop right there and administer a proper FAILURE stamp.

In slush funds: $235.00

Leftover if slush fund is used: $108.41

I'm not sure what to do here. Use the slush fund, or try to cover up for these costs with the upcoming check? I am actually eager to zero out my accounts and have a quieter second half of the month, but I don't want to use my slushfund yet. I could also use the certification money to cover for part of it... ah, decisions decisions.

**Speaking of Staples, I used two $25 off $75 on both of those purchases, scoring about $50 worth of stuff for $110. Most of it is back-to-school deals they had that I'll donate. If I had to spend money, may as well do some good with it. Printing and binding the study guide was $58 (came to $54 after extra items and discounts) and the chair was $60 (came to $55 after free stuff and coupon). This resulted in too many notebooks, glue containers, pens, pencils and pencil holders. I now live right behind a school, so they'll be getting a drop-in some time this week.

All in all, bad bad, but not horrible. I'll update tomorrow as I get what my dentist' cost is going to be!


  1. Well as long as you have the funds to cover all that(your slush fund or the certification $ or extra from your next paycheck)I don't see a problem here.
    And thinking of using your planned purchases at Staples to get the freebies for schoolkds is awesome too.
    Are you going to do a Giving Tree Christmas Kid this year again? If so, think about saving some of the school stuff for them too, instead of donating it all to the school. ;-)

    1. We're most likely going to do the Tree Christmas kid again, but most of the time, we do toys and clothes. I guess I can save the more artsy things for it and hope I get a young one. Got plenty of crayola to go around!

  2. So more month that money? Welcome to my world.

    1. A lot of month than money indeed!

  3. Great idea to donate the school supplies! I just ordered our supplies for the kids, & it was over $100 (combined). Yikes!

  4. Sounds like a very expensive two weeks. I hope the next two weeks are better for you.