Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Budgets and cuts

The gas section of my budget has always been extremely sensitive. I guess in more honest terms, it's poorly made and tightly adjusted to a best case scenario. $50 every 2 weeks used to get me from my previous place to FT job (about 100mi for 2wks) plus to and from PT job (about 240mi for 2 weekends). So that's all I budgeted for; $50 every 2 weeks.

I have not readjusted once, even when I changed my weekly commute from 50mi/wk to 150mi/wk for June in this temporary housing arrangement. The extra $10 seemed to help, but I still need to crunch the numbers. When I do move, if I do, it would be even further. We're talking from 50mi/wk to 150mi/wk to 300mi/wk, not counting PT job. And $50/mo extra in rent. I just want to be settled. Tired of having all up in the air...

Anyway. I cut my hair! Woo hoo! Only 5 inches, but I have pics!... that I can't share right now because they're in my camera and I have no cable or SD reader with me. I'll bring a camera cable to work tomorrow and maybe I'll be able to get the photos out. But I am very very happy with the cut, and it looks so much better. It's shorter than I've had it before, so it's strange to pull it and it ends so soon (sorry, not sure how to describe that).

Father's day was fantastic. We ended up taking my dad to watch Man of Steel, and he liked it a lot (mostly because of the effects). Story was ok. It was me, dad, older brother plus SIL and two babies, younger brother and younger sister plus boyfriend. Only sibling missing was the other younger brother who decided he'd rather not join. Works for us. Then we went out to dinner (just me, dad, older brother, SIL and babies). We had a great time, mostly entertaining the babies, who did not cry or whine or misbehave.

I did overspend. Mostly because I offered to put gas in my dad's car, to the tune of $80 for a 90% full tank. That car is horrible on gas, but it was the only one that would carry all of us. Then I paid for half the dinner bill and me+dad's movie tickets and snacks. All in all, $150 spent. I'm not panicking since I still had $180 leftover from my PT pay that wasn't destined to greater things. It was still expensive. But it was worth it.


  1. Sometimes you have to splurge and you didn't put it on credit so it works for me. ;-)

    Glad you had some fun....

  2. I bet your Dad really enjoyed your company and appreciated the fact that you treated him for Father's Day. As a parent of adult kids, I can tell you that it means so much when the kids spoil me :) Can't put a price on it.

  3. Can't wait to see your new hair cut pics! :) Sounds great!!

    Glad you had a nice day with your dad... you must make him so proud!! :)

  4. The money on the time spent with your dad was well worth it, it sounds like. Great memories ~ can't put a price tag on that! I'm sure he appreciated you filling up the car with gas. What a very thoughtful thing to do. Glad you enjoyed your day. I'm sure your dad did!!

  5. I'm glad you had such a great time with your dad and family. Sounds like money well spent!

  6. I feel bad saying this, but how are you ever going to reach your goals when you keep paying for your dad's stuff?