Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Haircut and more commuter's math

I crunched the numbers and here's what it was, as far as my commute. I lived 5mi from work commuting 5 days a week, plus one 120mi roundtrip per week, a total of 170mi every week, or 340 every 2 weeks (my budget cycle):
Miles driven in a 2-week period: 340 @ $0.147/mi, or $50

I was spoiled and I know it.

The new data from my prospective place of residence: It's 24mi each way from my FT work. So if I drive it every day, here's what happens:
Miles driven in a 2-week period: 720 @ $0.147/mi, or $105.88.

That's a $55.88 more per month I'd have to come up with. I totally did not foresee it being THIS high.

So in a bit of desperation, I looked around and it seems there is 1 single lone route between FT job and this prospective place of residence. Times are tight, especially in the out time.

I'd board the first bus at 7AM (thankfully, both drop off and boarding places are within a 5min walk of work/house). They'd leave me by work at 7:40, which is perfect. But the return isn't that accommodating. The bus leaves at 5:05pm and I have to call them every day because they don't usually pick up at 5 at that stop. So assuming I am able to make it every day, I could ride the bus 4 times a week (Fridays I leave straight from FT to PT job). It's $3 each way.

Cost per week for bus rides per 2 week period: $92.94 with a monthly pass, or $100.94 without one. This includes the Fri drives.

It's a mere $5-$13 difference than if I was driving. Bummer indeed.

Alternatives to explore? Ahem. Quitting my PT job that I keep saying I will quit every year since year 5 (I'm on year 9 now) or walk away from this rental and wait for something closer. Decisions, decisions...


I thought I was gonna be able to slip by without posting the photos, but I'll stick to my word.

These photos aren't great by any stretch of the imagination. Initially, I just wanted to see how much of a change this was going to be, so here you have me in my PJs before/after photo:

I originally asked for 5 inches off, which turned out to be spot on. The girl was surprised that my definition of an inch was actually pretty darn close to the metric definition of an inch, and it was exactly the amount needed to be cut to get rid of most of the layers, without going above my shoulder (I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!).
And a front photo, if it makes a difference. I love the haircut. Makes me wonder why I waited 18mo to get it done?!
This was only $18+tips. Not bad at all.


  1. Love the new haircut! You look so pretty :)

  2. Very pretty hair! I wouldn't take the bus to save 5-13. I would keep an eye out for something closer.

    1. Yeah. The bus was wishful thinking. I'm still hoping it would've worked better!