Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is what nightmares are made of

Just got off work a while ago (midnight or so), and while I settle down enough to sleep, I think, out of bad judgement, that now would be the best time to refresh Quicken and have it balance my accounts.

So what do I see when I click "Update All Accounts"? I see a random high amount in Paypal. Like, 26k too high. The account normally holds less than $100. I freak out and try to track it down in Quicken, then freak out AGAIN when I see it says it is a bank transfer. Transfer from where?! I don't even own that much if I were to sell all of my stuff!

So there was a random transfer of $24k and then a $2k down the line. I checked Paypal and saw no trace of it. No idea where it came from. I had just balanced that Paypal account last weekend. I can make no sense of the numbers, so I'll just assume Quicken was as tired as I am and made up random numbers. No, I didn't have a $241.32 charge either. But as I said, it doesn't exist in my actual Paypal account, nor any of my banks, so I think I'm safe... the account doesn't balance, but it's too late to get into figuring it out. Got work tomorrow again, so I need some sleep.

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. It is SO nice out, that is almost a shame to spend it inside working.


  1. That would completely freak me out!

  2. That would drive me nuts until I figured out what happened! Would be nice if you balance was that high though :)

  3. Holy cow! That would drive me crazy too!

  4. Too bad, nobody sent you a random gift or inheritance like this :)

    1. Actually, that would've been kind of nice! That's a LOT of money.