Friday, February 15, 2013

I won a free meal!

My half brother and I had made a bet as to who'd win the Superbowl. Him being a California native and me in Maryland, our picks were obvious. Of course, at the time the bet was made, he was 99% sure he'd be getting the free meal as the Ravens had no choice. Well, we all know what happened (GO RAVENS!), and I'll be redeeming my free lunch this Sunday. It was more of his request than mine, since he wanted to go out for lunch, but I'm happy to oblige.

I could've asked for an expensive dinner at a fancy restaurant, but that's not my style. Instead, we're just going to a Grill/Sports themed restaurant for some apetizers and burgers. That's all I really wanted anyway. And dessert (Oreo sliders anyone?!). So other than gas to drive to and from the restaurants, it's all on him. Hurray for free food!

I've started doing something new with my paycheck... especially since this paycheck fell right on the 15th, which is too early in the month. This paycheck covers rent due on the 1st, loan 2's standard payment on the 28th, insurance and cellphone bills due on the 22nd. Instead of paying everything right off, I've placed it all on my savings account (woo hoo... I may get 10c in interest out of that if any), but the best part is that it will allow me to zero my account. I hate having money just sitting there patiently waiting for these different deadlines, and the sooner I can zero the account off, the better I feel.

So as of today, I have $150 left on my account. Yes, that's after rounding and paying off my overages from last week. Plus I got $160 from my part time job, money which went straight into my tax-paying account. Now I'm less than $200 short! I'm excited and so ready to be done with these taxes and move onto my next challenge!... Whatever that may be.

Have a great weekend, everybody! We'll be enjoying some VERY mild weather around here. It's 50 degrees even, but you'd think it's the most beautiful day in June.


  1. Good for you! Enjoy your free meal :) And I'm so envious about 50 degrees. It's about 30 here right now but at least we have some sun...

  2. I'm glad you made a bet for the home team. I'm not a football person but how could I not get into it this year?

    Wait, did I just encourage gambling?! ;o)

  3. Pay day for me today :) I immediately transferred half into my savings account. I do that right off the bat and then live off the rest. It sometimes means I have very little to spend for the next 2 weeks but it's better that way. If I waited to make the transfer to savings there'd be nothing left. Transfer, then forget about it.

  4. Your dinner out sounds like MY dinner out. I LOVE just going to a sports bar/ restaurant - Buffalo Wild Wings or Chili's. Nothing beats a burger & a beer! Enjoy!

  5. Sounds awesome! Enjoy your dinner out! Have an Oreo slider for me too! ;)

  6. Do you make a distinction between your "half brother" and your other siblings? Do you feel that you're not as close to him as you are to your other siblings? I'm just curious because you keep calling him your half brother.

    1. Back when I first introduced him to the blog, I explained he's not really a blood brother. He's been my best friend/brother for the past 10 years or so, and I am actually a lot closer to him than I am to my family besides elder brother and father.

    2. Ohh...wait, so he's not the bio child of either of your parents? So he's not actually your half sibling.

      I was just confused. People usually just call half siblings brother/sister and then explain that they have a different mother or father. So he's not blood related to you at all, okay.

      I figured you were close to him, though. I just wasn't sure.