Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catching up, reading, and travels

I am now starting to remember why I liked to read in the first place. Instead of sulking and re-re-reviewing plans I've already made, or tweaking things that are working just fine, I get to spend some time getting involved in the lives of the characters. I think  it's a lovely distraction. As with a lot of things, the hardest part is to get started, and I am glad I did early.

The meal on Sunday was great, and still free. We walked around malls looking for belts, ties and dress shirts, as my half brother is Florida-bound to pursue higher education. He'll be leaving sometime in June, and I'll sure miss hanging out with him. With him working at an ER dept and me working Mon-Sat, it's hard to plan any big get weekend vacations, but I haven't fully taken off that option from my list.

He's from a much, much more... affluent family than I am, so that created a funny situation the moment he got accepted into a med school in Florida. He asked me if I wanted to drive with him to FL so we could go to Disney World. I told him I probably couldn't, but I'd check. He pressed the issue a bit, then I told him I just didn't have that sort of funds. He went "oh...", as if he had suddenly remembered who he was talking with, and dropped the issue. He knows I am a lot more disadvantaged than he's ever been, even at my highest points. Just a slightly different perspective.

I could bore you with tales of his richness, but I'm sure we all have somebody in our lives who have too much. I don't really envy him. I'm very happy for him and that he can pursue what he wants without having to worry about the economic side.

Other than that, I am glad it's Thursday! No wait. It's Wednesday. I am glad for that too. It seems that my mother is going out of the country today. My dad used that as a bit of leverage to ask me to go to their house spend time with him, since I'm off Saturday, and wouldn't have needed to go over to their place at all otherwise. I think I'll consider it.


  1. Your mom is just going to another country?

    I am curious about this, as this is a common occurence with the families we work with at work. These families have next to nothing....but will go "home" frequently. Home can be Puerto Rico, Jamaica, India.....they just go.

    How does one afford to do that???

    1. By leaving a lot of things unpaid and playing catch up once you return. I am most certain a lot, lot of things will be left unpaid until she returns, and depending how long she's gone (I have no idea), some stuff like their phone service will be cut off.