Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thursday Budget Recap

I'm feeling a bit under the weather today, and I swore it was Friday instead of Thursday. I am working on Friday night and Sat night, so I'll try to whip up something interesting to say between now and then. Work has been crazy (hurray, yearly audits), but I've tried to keep busy anyway. I made a fantastic serving of Spinach lasagna. Though I am not 100% sure on the spinach portions of it (I am paranoid about undercooking eggs!), the whole thing was very simple and fairly quick to put together. Maybe it will taste better reheated?

I also borrowed 3 more books and returned one of the old ones... couldn't get myself to read it. What do you do with those books people highly recommend, but you just feel they fall flat? Do you read them through anyway?

Anyway, here's the little blurb about my budget. I did go over, as I expected. The most shocking portion for me was a $45.50 single grocery trip to Giant! I love that store, but it is known for being more expensive, so I actually hadn't been in it in over 5-7 months. I mainly bought meats from there as they  have great bulk prices, but still, $45 in a single trip for me is a bit of a shocker.

I had the grace of some extra income from my part time job, gas leftover and some returned orders (though I would've much preferred to get the items ordered! One was for loose tea and one for almonds in bulk). Thanks to that extra income, my budget didnt really kill over, but it is still over, and I saved nothing extra. I had to use my credit card several times for more than gas, so Feb is busted as a gas-only month. Two steps forward, one step back. I'm alright with that.

Last but not least, Happy Valentine's day. Back home, in a single-gender Catholic school, Valentine's Day was more revered as a Friendship day instead of a commercial lovey-dovey day. So I like to take this day to celebrate all of the wonderful people I’ve been lucky enough to call friends. No card, chocolate box or flowers required.

Have a wonderful day, everybody. Enjoy some 75% off after-Valentine’s candy tomorrow.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day toy you,and I hope you feel better soon! I was positive this morning that today is Friday:)

  2. Happy VDay to you too, Tanner! I *love* going the day after for clearance goodies, lol! Especially Target :)
    I'm still new to the budget thing, trying to figure out what will work best. Any tips welcome! Do you go through it & add totals weekly, as you did above?

  3. Have a great day! I definitely need to raid the store tomorrow :P

  4. I think it is an individual preference, but if I'm not interested in a book, back it goes to the library.