Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bracing for the weekend

I'll be going over to my dad's over the weekend. I know there won't be any food there. Or toothpaste. Or for that matter, TP. Yes, there won't be TP. I'll spare you the details! Which means that I'll be stopping by... somewhere (probably Giant) and get some of these everyday essentials. I am well stocked to survive probably through next Friday, needing only $15 or so for more produce and frozen veggies.

I am OK with buying food/goods for their house, especially since I know my mother traveling means the household is bone dry in terms of funds. And more importantly, she's not there. Just me, dad, a couple of siblings who won't acknowledge you're there (hey, works for me), and lots of laundry. For $70 of my $100 budget, I'm ok with that.

About my goals, let's see what I've been up to...

I ended up returning one of the books I borrowed, as I just couldn't get into it... and didn't want to discourage my reading (I know, it feels like I'm catering to a little kid), and borrowed these 3. I already finished "Gift of Magic". I'm a sucker for fantasy books, and I'm 1/4 through the middle book, "The Travelers Gift". I would recommend this one 10/10, but I need to finish reading it first.

Spinach Lasagna was awesome and very easy to make. Definitely will make again.  That's two recipes, 11 more to go!


On the financial front: leaving my Chase card with a balance until after it closes (so it shows more than 0% usage... credit score stuff) is driving me nuts. I feel so out of control, even though I have the exact amount of dollars sitting in my checking account, just waiting for the 29th to pay the balance in full. It's making me anxious, but I'll try it out for a few months and see how it goes... if it works, it could be a key component to automatizing my finances.

Have a great weekend, everybody! It's bound to a VERY cold, windy, and icy one for us...


  1. Your Lasagna looks good! I've never made it with cream cheese however.
    Does your dad have no least enough to buy some TP? Or does your mom take it all? I just can't figure out your family dynamic and I'm sure you are tired of explaining it. 8-(

    Don't let the unpaid bill get to you. You KNOW you have the money to pay it and you KNOW you won't spend it(right?lol), so just breath deeply and let it go until the 29th.

    1. My mother pretty much takes it all. My dad keeps $20 or so, which usually are for gas or taken by my younger siblings. I will do my very best not to inquire about any bills. Just worry about dinner.

  2. I have never made it with cream cheese either, I always use ricotta. I was wondering the same thing as sluggy, doesn't your mom worry about your siblings and father having even the basics.

    And again agreeing with Sluggy dont get upset about the bill. YOu know you have the money, you know your going to pay it so just breath and let it go.

    Its cold here to but at least the wind has died down a little

    1. I should try it with ricotta next time. I'm a bit iffy about that cheese, if just appearances alone. My mother thinks some things are... completely normal, as you could've gathered (like opening CCs on other people's names). So I don't think it bothers her a lot. At least not enough to go out there and buy some necessities.

  3. Ok, stupid question.. why would there not be any food or basic necesitiess at your dads?? Mmm... the lasagna looks awesome! Yum!! :)

  4. Weird family dynamics - but then, we all have those people in our family (hopefully extended, not close). In my case we are all such penny pinchers you can hear them scream as we pinch them! No one wants to be the one to spend so lots of negotiating must be done. Sigh - you learn to live with it right?
    I used to use sour cream in my lasagna - haven't made any in a long long time, however.