Thursday, December 13, 2012

Exploring Goals: 9-13

A full list of goals can be found here. Goals 1-4 can be found here. Goals 5-8 can be found here.

9. Blog at least 13 times per month
Why: Not sure why I should be focusing on post quantity and not quality. I do try to keep up with the blogs I follow. This shouldn't be too hard, but I've said that before and blogged only 3-4 times. I think it'd help me more with my accountability.
How: Besides my self-accounting posts to report any off-book purchases, I guess look into future financial topics and pick one a month. Things like retirement, moving, house hunting, stuff like that. I need to research them anyway!

10. Read 13 non-study books (career ok)
Why: This was one of my failed goals for 2012. I didn't read near enough, some of it because I'm a picky reader and some because I didn't want to spend on books.
How: I have been really wanting to get a Kindle reader (the most basic model, at about $50), and then try some books, which average about $10 for their Kindle edition. Since I have Amazon Prime, I have access to quite a few books, and I think that may be something to look into. Otherwise, I'll stick with physical copies. I just hate the idea of having to carry or dispose of hard copy books because I'm done with them.

11. Cook and photograph 13 cookbook recipes
Why: Another failed goal. I really like to cook, but I feel very, very constricted in the current house (I rent a room, but have housing privileges). I've had this goal for the past few years, and I finally have a decent camera, so I should just go ahead and do it. It's a fun goal.
How: Ha-ha. No idea. I won't even try to get creative. Though I have looked at some recipes I may be interested in making that require not a lot of work...

12. Charity: Help 13 different causes (World Vision/others)
Why: Just because. I got it easy this year, donating well over $300 worth of items. I want to increase that a bit by joining a few charities, like World Vision.
How: Maybe part of the extra money left at the end of the month (if any...) will be dedicated to this cause. Different donations start at about $15, so it's not an overbearing lump-sum type payment.

13. ??
Last year I had a hard time coming with one last goal too. So this one remains blank until further notice.


  1. Another set of great goals... :) I guess I should start thinking on mine too... luckily there's still time!

  2. Also if you have prime don't they have a kindle lending program where you get to check out a free book per month. Might definately help with that goal, and not spending more money.

    1. I've heard of that lending library briefly, but I'm not sure it's open to all titles. If so, it'd be awesome!

  3. I usually get 90% of books I read from the library. It's free as long as you return them on time :) I just like to read on any devices, I love to turn the pages myself :) I know it's silly but I'm kind of old-fashioned this way.

    1. Not silly at all. I'm not sure how much I'd like an e-reader, hence I'm trying to get the cheapest one to try out. I've gone to the library a few times, but the career/study books arent there.

  4. I made my first trip to the library in months, & forgot how much I love it. (I also have a kindle, but most of the books I want, I have to pay for.)

    I do love the idea of the recipe photos - that's a great goal!

    1. Yeah, a lot of the books I'd like cost quite a bit... but the portability would really be nice.