Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Exploring Goals: 5-8

A full list of goals can be found here. Goals 1-4 can be found here.

Continuing with yesterday's post, here's the why/how's of my next four goals for 2013:

5.  Save $700 for Christmas 2013 before Nov 1, 2013
Why: I felt like I cheated by quickly coming up with a bulk of my Christmas money this year, during Oct/Nov. The whole point of this goal was so I didn't have to stress during the holiday season, so that didn't quite work.
How: Save throughout the year. I'd hate to break it into monthly amounts, since it sounds slightly intimidating to my rock-inflexible budget (an extra $60 shouldn't be a problem, in theory, but it would definitely be stressful if I can't meet it every time), so I will just have to wait and see, with some flurries here and there. 

6.  Use cash-only budgeting for at least 4 months.
Why: Because it may help  me with Goal #5 for Christmas. Saving spare change was a good decent amount, and that was only from 2 months of full cash budgeting. Also, I don't know. I'd like to switch things up a bit.
How: By using cash, I'll be limiting my credit card rewards. However, the credit card has about 2 quarters with no interesting bonus-cashback opportunities. So while I'll take full advantage of the grocery and gas categories, I won't be doing so for the department stores or at movie theaters. During those months, I think I should work under cash-only budgetting. That'd mean most of April-Jun and Oct-Dec.

7.  Save $475 for Certification test AND pass test in December 2013
Why: Same as with Christmas, I don't want to leave it to the last minute. Also, I'll be paying through the year for study material.
How: No idea. Honestly, no idea. I guess extra money from my part time job. I can only stretch my funds so much! But this supersedes the Christmas fund. 

8.  Lose another 13lbs, starting from 2012 minimum weight (150)
Why: Because I feel a lot better. I was surprised to finally be able to shed some weight (to the tune of 15lbs) after trying for 10 whole years. My metabolism is going and I'm not letting it slow down.
How: This sounds a bit counter intuitive, but I need to spend my full food budget money. All of it, on foods, healthy foods. Too many times this year I didnt go grocery shopping for 3+wks to save money, and that has to stop!


  1. i was like you, in that i saved several hundred for christmas, but didn't start until late october, so i was rushing to save up. I plan on saving $800 for next year. At first $80 a month seems like a lot, but if i divide it by the two paychecks each month, thats only $40 a paycheck. does your company do direct deposit? my company automatically splits up my paycheck into my checking and savings, so it's like i don't even have that money.
    i also hope to lose weight next year!

  2. maybe we should do one of those diet bet things? have you seen it: i'm sure we could get other bloggers to join! let me know if you're interested...

    1. I actually joined the one you started this year, and it was a lot of fun! But I didn't really budge besides the water weight, and I was quite disappointed. It doesn't seem group bettings encourage me a whole lot, sadly. Too bad, because they're so much fun.

  3. If you start saving for Christmas on Jan 1...and do an auto debit into an ING will just get used to having less money. The first few times it will hurt, but you WILL get used to it. If you get paid every other $35 a paycheck. I promise, you will not miss it after awhile. If you wait to see what you have left never will have "left over."

    1. I could do that; the problem is that my budget is pretty set on stone. Every single penny is accounted and pretty much paid in full the moment I get it, except my $150 "personal" budget (which pays for my gas, food and personal items/entertainment/Murphy) for 2wks. I guess I could loosen the budget too... good point.

  4. That's a great list of goals, Tanner . I save for Christmas starting in January that way when December Rolls around I'm good to go! good luck!!

  5. Love reading about your goals! I've always saved for Christmas out of the last few paychecks, but I'm determined to be more disciplined next year as well. :)

    1. You and me both! Hope we can get it done. It isnt that much of a hassle to finish it last minute, but I'd like to push myself a bit.