Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 Goals

Here's what I've come up with as far as goals for next year:

1. Drop debt by $6,500. Stretch goal, down by $7000 (or $500 extra in snowflakes)
2.  Save $1000 for vacations in April and/or June
3.  Increase car savings account by another $2000, stretch of $2600... Not counting any possible bonus!
4. Keep track of expenses (extra and regular) for at least 10 months

5.  Save $700 for Christmas 2013 before Nov 1, 2013
6.  Use cash-only budgeting for at least 4 months.
7.  Save $475 for Certification test AND pass test in December 2013
8.  Lose another 13lbs, starting from 2012 minimum weight (150)
9.  Blog at least 13 times per month
10.  Read 13 non-study books (career ok)
11.  Cook and photograph 13 cookbook recipes
12. Charity: Help 13 different causes (World Vision/others)
13. Go out to eat at least once a month (or takeout?)

While making these goals, I checked some numbers... it seems I may need to make an additional $4,200 just to meet all the additional goals!  I will have to tighten the rope significantly. I am also not going to let myself cheat like with 2012 by using bonus money. A big push to my financial goals was the $2000 bonus I received at the beginning of the year, which I ultimately used to pay my taxes, repaid myself, and then paid off dad's car.

I'll be breaking these goals into pieces and explaining the method/reason for each goal. Hopefully by then I would've come up with goal #13. 


  1. Good job on coming up with your goals. I am still working on mine!

  2. Great job, I hope you'll reach all of them. I'm still in process with my goals. It might take me another two weeks :)

  3. Those are great goals!!! I'm completely there with you on that first one especially!!! I've completely stalled out!!! I need to make a HUGE push!