Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Update & Food Waste

Another lovely payday and a great opportunity to zero out my budget once more! From this paycheck, I was able to complete my EF (go ME!), which now sits at $1,000. I paid another snowball to my credit card ($100), and added $140 to my mixed fund (preliminary named iPad fund), for a total of $380. I have a brand new $150 budget for the next 2 weeks ($60 food, $40 misc., $50 gas), and if I *really* really wanted to, I am sure I could stretch groceries for another few days. But I don't want to and I'm growing very bored with my food selections.

Speaking of food... Let's talk food waste. Me? I haven't really trashed anything in these past few months. I had two peppers who were dangerously close (perhaps too close) to going bad, but managed to salvage them. I have an onion that I should probably use asap. Other than that, I am food waste free! However...

I'll start by saying I really like my landlords. They're great people, and they make me laugh (unbeknownst to them). They also provide me with really, really decently priced rent and house privileges. But when it comes to food waste, they're definitely a D- at best. It's just the landlord, landlord lady and landlord's mother. They eat out about 4-5 times out of the week. And I don't object or have an opinion about how they use their money. However... every 2-3 days, they trash so much food that was leftover. I'm talking about 3-4 cups of shredded chicken from BBQ chicken takeout, half a container of Chinese pork and vegetables, gallons of soup, half pizzas, and salad stuffs. They also end up trashing a lot of breads because they just don't eat it that often.

That bothers me slightly, especially since most of the food they trash is still perfectly good. They just know they wont eat it because they eat out so often, and really, who can blame them? Wish they'd either order less food, or have a few more leftover-for-dinner days. I think I've seen them eat leftovers (for lunch or dinner) maybe once a month if that. Kind of makes me sad, but nothing I can do. Not my place!

I'm off to see the Christmas parade to clear my mind a bit. I've had a very rough, very long week and I'm just ready to take a mental break. I'll try to post my goals this weekend before my brain is officially fried beyond repair. Stay safe, warm, and have a good weekend!


  1. It's a shame that if they are not going to eat it, that they don't offer it to you instead of pitching it out.
    How about you buy a new trash receptacle and tell them to put any food they can't want to finish in there and then be a dumpster diver? ;-)

  2. Great job on the EF! Maybe you could ask your landlords to set aside anything they are planning to throw out and tell them you could probably use it up :)

  3. Congrats on hitting your emergency fund at $1K, & for not having any food waste! That's awesome. And, a casual hint perhaps, to the landlords that you'd be happy to make trades for food that's about to expire? (Example - they give you bananas that are super ripe, you make banana bread & share?) Win/win?