Monday, December 10, 2012

'Tis the season to be ticked off

I had a partner at work that would call me "The Grinch". I can be giving, forgiving and understanding. I can be someone who cares for and about others, and will put them ahead myself. However, I still dislike the holiday season. And I cannot wait for January. I still don't want to listen to Christmas music (though I've caught myself humming to it a few times!). I'm in the season to be ticked off. Fa-la-la-bah humbug.

Mostly because I am burned out from work, I refuse to think about a little situation that is way too messed up, concerning my parents and my money. I'm sure some of you can guess, but for right now, I'm in pure survival mode and I have to ignore that situation. Can't let it fray the last few strings of sanity I'm hoarding!

Other than that, I had my eye appointment, and I got my eye exam plus glasses for $130. My prescription went up (or down?) another .25, (from -2.50 to -2.75). It's been going down for the past 3 years on .25 increments, even though I can still see very clearly with the previous prescriptions. While I did need to get my glasses redone (my old ones were 6+yrs and only -1.25), I don't know about the continually increasing lense power. Does anyone else find that your eyes are just getting worse? I've always thought glasses were supposed to stop or slow the deterioration, but it seems to be going pretty stable. I should be able to pick my glasses next week, so at least that's something to look forward to.


  1. My eye are getting worse and I have developed an astigmatism in my left eye. I started out with a -0.5 and now I am -1.00 with the bad left eye.
    I've also have genetics that are not so good. My dad is like -7.50 in one eye and off the charts in the other with macular degeneration and astigmatism. Yay, looking forward to the future lol.

  2. That's scary... time to start saving for Lasik, I guess!

  3. Yep, my eyes got worse before they got better,..then of course there is the middle age mess of not being able to see close up anymore!

    I wish you some much needed peace this holiday season. The holidays always seem to accentuate the good or bad in a relationship. I'm sorry that you have to continue to deal with this situation. Sending you some big {{hugs}}!!

  4. I hear you. Work has me totally bummed and I am not really that much into Christmas this year. Maybe it is because I know that work is being extremely challenging.

  5. I love the Holidays as long as I don't have to be around people and extended family.

    Especially not be in the stores around other people shopping.
    They are all freaking nuts I tell ya!

    I prefer to stay in my own little world and enjoy my peaceful holiday.
    Except I had to go and open up my eBay store again to make a few sheckels while the selling is halfway decent.
    Just inviting trouble and stress in I am....
    But I swear this year is the last time!lol

    The Holidays just seem to amplify all the good and all the bad in your relationships. So much stress to meet unrealistic expectations. It never measures up to what we think it should be in our heads.
    Best to have NO expectations so that anything good that comes out of this time of year can be appreciated.
    Expect the worst but delight in the good you find....IF you find it.
    Now how depressing is that? 8-(

    I hope you get through the Holidays without much distress Tanner. I would recommend taking up drinking, just until January. ;-)

    1. Only you'd advice someone to do that, Sluggy! Haha. But yeah, I've had my friends tell me I need to be a pessimist. That way I am either right all the time (when things go wrong) or mildly surprised when they go right. Funny world, eh?

  6. Lots of hugs, & I'm with slug - I highly suggest a little festive drinking. . . hot cider, holiday ale, pomegranate martinis. . . the choices are endless! :-)