Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I have always found Thanksgiving a bit humorous. We did not have it back in the Caribbean, so it was all new to me. And all the more strange. It is right up there with celebrating Columbus Day as a national holiday in the islands:

Yeah. I do find that funny. BUT, the holiday has evolved... both in a few hundred year's span as in a 50-year span. Instead of going into a new place and taking peoples' land and throwing them out of their homes, people sit together with family and celebrate being together, and the abundance in their lives. In a span of 50 years, it has gone from that ‘togetherness holiday’ to a commercial turkey day. Just get together (which is a logistics nightmare) with your 'loved' (or at least partially bearable) family and share a huge meal, followed by food-coma for a few hours while you prep yourself for Black Friday (or Cyber Monday).

All joking aside, though, I’ll gladly take any opportunity I can to be thankful for what I have. Last year's reasons to be thankful still stand. I need to give some thought and count my blessings before Thanksgiving night, when I'll be hating the world big time since I get to spend time with my family. [[shivers]] So I'll report back once I have a pretty good list! This year has so far been very good, and very challenging. So I will certainly have plenty of blessings to count. I encourage you to do the same, before the holiday busy time eats up all your time!


  1. I am having extended family over for the Thanksgiving meal. I will need to mediate and get myself in a very good place before they arrive, as we have issues with them. It's more of a philosophical problem(how they choose to live their lives)and turns into a political problem(as they believe they are entitled to things that aren't theirs and they should not have to do anything for themselves-although they are able bodied and fully capable)...sort of sounds like some in your family, doesn't it?lol
    As people, they are just plan self absorbed and do nothing for anyone else. Center of the universe types.
    I know they are family and I have no right to tell them how to live(since I am not a socialist but a libertarian)but having to be around them and hold my tongue about kills me. ;-)

    I believe my largest "What I am Grateful for" will involve them leaving early and me not swallowing my tongue or stroking out. hehehe

  2. And let's not forget that the Pilgrims were very grim tyrannical people. Holidays were not celebrated and they drove out or killed anyone who deigned to practice a religion that wasn't theirs.
    And as I point out every year, the Pilgrims did NOT hold the first English/European Thanksgiving feast on the continent. That was held in jamestown Virginia a good 11 years earlier.

    Plymouth 1st Thanksgiving is a myth, much like the War Between the States was Fought to abolish slavery and Columbus discovered America. We Americans are very good at rewriting history....

  3. Next year I think you should either come to my house or sluggys. Now I know I am being nosey but was your family this way before they came to America or was it just something that developed(as far as your parents I mean).

    And just for the record my family didnt make it here until 1794 and I believe they sent us Irish right to the mines.....but we are very good at rewriting history aren't we? Kinda frightening

  4. My husband has been saying all you did in this post for years! For the past several, we either have had our daughters (singly, as one is usually with her in-laws) or just have it by ourselves. We only have hubs' 2 sisters. One talks death, morbid gore...all the time, and the other likes to go worship um...things in the woods of New England. My siblings are too far away for us to get together.

    Basically? I'm making a small duck, dressing, and mashed potatoes, while DH brings home some delectable pies from Trader Joe's. And...A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving does more for us than the falsely presented 'meaning' of this holiday!

  5. Weather the storm, and eat turkey!!!