Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's not forget to give THANKS

I have some of the usual things to be thankful for... For example:
- My two jobs.
- The people I work with.
- My friends. Especially my best friend in IL and my half brother, originally from CA.
- My ability and wellbeing to travel.
- My now-gone car.
- My life and my health. I am one of those people that people like to hate on because of how healthy we are.

Last, I am thankful for my family. I'd be an ungrateful little brat if I didn't include them. After all, it's like a tree not being thankful for the ground that fed it and made it actually exist. I don't agree with them, and I really really dislike most of them. However, they shaped me to who I am today. I like who I am, and I like where I am. I wish it was better, but I guess part of the forgiving process is to appreciate the good in bad things. After all, not all bad can be bad. Or something. (Cut me some slack, it was a tough sell.)

Now I have to ask you for two things:

1. Can you think of some things you are thankful for that you disagree with or didn't like? Look at the silver lining of a bad situation/event and honestly be thankful for them?

2. Think of people not in your immediate family and that you probably won’t see for Thanksgiving but that have left a positive mark in your life this past year. Do they matter enough you are honestly and really thankful for them? Pick 1-5. Find their cell phone numbers, email addresses, house phones, and make an attempt to let them know how thankful you are for having them. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple text with "thank you for being my friend" or "thank you for helping me move the couch back in February" will suffice.

I will admit I dislike Thanksgiving's media/retail holiday. But if there's a day that is all about being thankful and less about hostessing, preparing a large fancy meal and impressing people, then I'm game.

(Of course, I’m thankful for all of you who read and comment on my aimless rambling. I appreciate your comments/visits as I try to figure out how to make things work, and I'm thankful that you are not judgmental or condescending.)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break and don't forget to be thankful and give thanks!


  1. Great post. I am thankful for a lot of things and like you, I am thankful for my family, because they did raise me.

  2. Great Tree analogy – I’ll have to use that in the future. Have a great holiday!

  3. We don't have Thanksgiving here in Aus, but I think I will send a few thank you messages out today :) All because of you! Aawwwwww feel teh love.

  4. You are really doing great on your way to financial independence. Congrads and happy thanks giving!

  5. I am thankful that I have new blogfriends (like you! and a few others) who don't find me insufferable and are willing to be my friend and cheer me along on what seemed like a hopeless journey until recently. I'm also thankful for some previously unappreciated family members I don't understand very well who were willing to show caring in the only way they can, apparently ($$) and help us get on our feet. I'm thankful for lots this year but ironically, we're making this the smallest and least fancy and formal Thanksgiving I can remember. I'm keeping costs low because I know that tomorrow it's back to the old grind and the bills will be there to pay.

  6. Your "aimless rambling" makes me laugh so yes, I'm thankful for that.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Your Friend, m.