Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Review of Nov Goals

The dust has finally settled, and I did well. I have no idea how it went so well, and that definitely worries me. I was estimating I'd have about $40 left, but somehow I ended up with $92 leftover.

Though I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at handling money, things like these where I end up losing my cool and control of my budget really do worry me. Every purchase is accounted for, and all expenses have been paid. I'm glad I'm over and not under, but when money moves more times than I was expecting it to, it makes me very nervous and a bit stressed out. My budget's quite inflexible on that respect.

Regardless, I'm glad to be done with that bit of a mess!

Since November is pretty much done for me, here's an update on the goals I set at the beginning of the month and how I fared:
- Goals 1-2: Scheduled both of my appointments (PCP and eye doctor.)
- Goal 3: Got my EF to $650, goal was $600, original was $570
- Goal 4: Finished all Christmas planning and shopping (except for myself, if I'm getting anything)
- Goal 5: Ok. I'm halfway through the Christmas card drafting. Short and sweet works for me. I'll finish those today, address, label and get postage in two weeks to send them out.
- Goal 6 (Optional): Originally I wanted $200-$300 extra for Black Friday, and then switched it to $300 for an iPad for my dad. I got $245 if we count the $92 I've been left with from this paycheck. Not sure if this is a success or a failed goal, but since I didnt find any iPads on decent sales (actually, completely missed a good sale), I don't feel bad about it at all. I'll keep that money until after December sitting on standby, and if it's not used by then, off to my EF or Murphy fund it goes.

NOW we're officially into the Christmas season. Time to roll out next year's budget plan and goals too. Here's to wishing everybody's December is a calm and good one!


  1. You're getting to be an excellent money manager! Amazing that you got through that whole Christmas Tree gift thing with any money leftover. I would give a gift or two to charity but more than $100 worth of gifts? Better you than me (I'm just saying I'm not that charitable - if I had scads of extra money I might be.)

  2. *shakes head* What are you thinking? Don't buy your father an IPad. Pay down your debt. I suggest a moratorium on buying your family stuff until the debt THEY CAUSED is gone.

    1. I'm paying my debt. And I'm saving from money I would've otherwise spent on myself (though I don't really spent on myself). Things are still getting paid on schedule. Besides, it's something I could in theory borrow, were I ever to 'need' or want to toy with it. I love my father, so getting him a gift is a matter of what, not of if.

  3. Looking forward to seeing your December goals! I need to start working on mine. :-)