Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Goals, sort of

December is finally here. Freezing temperatures most mornings (no surprise there), already broke my ice scrapper, and there are 31 days until 2013 gets here. I'm rather excited for the new year to come, and wouldn't mind it to skip my way to Jan 2. But since that won't happen, let's just play nice.

I did pretty good on my goals for Nov, so it's a bit challenging thinking of something to do this late in the year that wasn't already scheduled to happen.

Looking at my blue book, here are some of the events that will happen during December:
- EF will be completed by 12/7 ($1,000)
- There will be $220 floating money that was budgeted as extra by 12/21 (no idea where that money will be going, but I won't force it into anything)
- My Verizon bill that I was paranoid would double is back to normal, at $76/mo
- I've scheduled $100 as snowball against my CC1 that is getting ready to exit the building once February rolls around

Additional to-do things:
- Send cards by Dec 14. I was never a believer of getting something so in advance. We already got Christmas cards at work, as early as Nov 10.
- Deliver gifts to my brother and SIL by Fri 12/21. They are still fixing the house, and I'm not sure they'll have the place/space to hide the kiddo's toys. Speaking of which, I need to wrap them. Any idea how to wrap one of these bead maze things?
- Stay within budget. (Go grocery shopping. Stop putting it off)
- Order contact lenses by the end of December (when my insurance expires)
- Post my 2013 goals. They're done, but may need some tweaking.

I've been super busy and super stressed at work. From about October to after Valentines' day is when my section of the office gets swamped, so I'll try to hang in there. This week went by in a flash, so I hope the rest of the weeks follow suit!


  1. Nice job on your goals! I would put it in a box first (maybe, ask your local grocery stores if they have any- this way you can get it for free)and then wrap it normally. Or just a bad would work too.

    1. I had a box, but I thought it'd look weird and bulky.

  2. I've seen giant (and, I mean giant- like garbage bag sized) gift bags at Target. If you don't have an appropriately sized box, that might work.

    Good luck with your goals!

    1. I had never seen those bags. Went into Dollar Tree and found them with all the wrapping paper stuff! THanks for the suggestion!

  3. Sounds like you are well organized. I'm with you on the skipping ahead to January 2 thing but, seeing as how that won't happen on fast forward, I'm going to keep Xmas low key and just get through it. We have another family dinner to do and that'll be it for the year :)

  4. I would say get one of those bike bags that the dollar store sells and go with that. I am done all my Christmas stuff so am just going to enjoy the season