Friday, November 23, 2012

Shopping can get expensive

First of all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! (Mine was lousy, so let's leave it at that.)

I'll be honest; I'm not very proud with my shopping skills. Since most of my family is getting cash, I thought I was done. Then came my Adopt-a-bear girls (one 6yo, one 12yo), and that put some extra pressure on my budget. The total for them two was not to exceed $100 for both.

However, here's my current count so far:

6yo girl:
$24 for 2 outfits + 2 packs of socks
$15 for 3 DVDs
$3 for coloring/sticker book
Still missing doll and crayons (approx $20)

12yo girl:
$25 for boots with fur (gotta love that)
$6 for 3 belts
$10 for 3 necklaces
Still missing an outfit (approx $15)

That totals $83, and I'm still missing 3-4 items (doll, crayons, outfit). Not entirely happy about it, but I'll manage. While in the mall, I ended up making some impulse buys. One for my sister-in-law and my mother (total of $40). Online, I got some gifts for my brother's kids ($21). The interesting thing about the kids' toys is that it came from $61 to $21 thanks to an online certificate and a coupon, so I don't feel terrible. NOW I am officially done shopping for my family. Other than that, a $6 meal at the mall completes my budget wreckage.

I may be able to get out of this mess unscattered (by using all of my food/personal money for the next two weeks--ouch!), but I won't know until the 28th, after all the smoke clears. Good news is, I'm still quite on track with my EF, which sits nice and pretty at $650. I have to find a place to cash my coins if my bank won't do it, and then I can scratch off that from my to-do list.

Overall, a bit stressed with all the movement of money, but it will be ok. I can't panic at the unknown. Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm not working on Saturday, so I'll take the time to relax and for goodness sake's, clean my room. It is such a disaster!


  1. I think you did a great job! Shopping for kids can get so darn expensive.

    1. Tell me about it... sort of glad I don't have any of my own! And only two little ones in the immediate family!

  2. You got a lot for the price! Ditto Lisa. Kids are super expensive. Good luck wrapping up the rest of your shopping & sticking to your budget!