Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Almost Year-End checkup

I finally got around to doublechecking my goals, and for 2012, I didn't do that bad at all! I actually did great. Am I not setting my goals high enough or something? A lot of them were accomplished by sheer luck (paying $2000 on the car), or in retrospective, maybe I set them too low (coupon/donations). I'll be a bit more methodical for 2013, and include stretch goals to go along with normal goals to challenge myself.

Goals set for 2012:
1. Snowballs equal to $1,500, stretch goal of $2,000 [[As of 11/1/12 - $3,185! PASS!]]
2. Reduce debt by 45% of total (down to $13,500 from start point of $22,000 on 1/1/12).[[As of 11/1/12 - $12,946! PASS!]]
3. Use coupons totaling $150 (as of 7/1/12: $371.09)-- stopped counting. [[PASS!]]
4. Save $600 for Christmas 2012, (as of 11/1/12 - $525. Will complete by end of Nov. In progress!)
5. Save $800 for vacation in April and/or June [[Done Apr'12-- PASS!]]
6. Get a camera and take 120 photos [[As of 11/1/12: 130. Not very good ones! But PASS!]]
7. Replace car [[Taking ownership of loaner car, May'12]] PASS(?)/Goal Changed.
8. Make 12 cookbook recipes [[11/1/12: 7 made... FAIL]]
9. Read 12 books [[11/1/12: 4... FAIL!]]
10. Lose about 12lbs [[11/1/12: Lost up to 15, gained 3 back. But PASS!]]
11. Donate either 100 items or $100 worth of items/food [[as of 11/1/12: $230, 68 items-- PASS!]]
12. TBA [[Ha! I fail at goal making!]]

So by December, unless I get to cooking and reading, it seems I would've succeeded in 9 out of 11 goals. Yup. I need to be a lot tougher with myself! I don't want to rush and get goals for next year just yet (because that's what December is for), so I'll delay that. I don't want to set myself up for failure, but I can't help to think that I am just not pushing myself enough with these goals. How did you do during this year?


  1. The main thing to remember is that you set the goals in the first place and then stuck to them without flaking out! So good job on that. Setting stretch goals can't hurt. I did OK on my 2012 goals but would've done so much better had it not been for college expenses.

  2. Wow, great work! I did well on most of my 2012 goals, but definitely still have work to do. I find that if I review my yearly goals regularly, & break them into monthly goals as well, I'm much more likely to be successful!

  3. It's almost 2 months until Jan....I just can't GO THERE yet!lol

  4. I think you did awesome. I noticed that the only two goals that you are close to not making have to do with you making time for yourself. Sometimes you need to give yourself a break from the financial stress and unwind by doing something nice for yourself.

  5. Are you kidding me!!! I think you did great, do you know how many people don't even accomplish one goal? And I agree with ND you need to de-stess and take sometime for yourself.

  6. Hey a lot better than I did, but I think you are more realistic, I on the other hand think I can fly with a cape!