Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sometimes I make myself wonder...

Once upon a time, I created a blog tab, sort of like a memo or a notebook to jot stuff down. It's nice to have access to things from anywhere at any time. I stopped updating it sometime last year, but as I was updating my goals, I came across it. Reading it, I was between laughing and wondering what was wrong with me. Thought I'd share so you can wonder too! Keep in mind these were thoughts going through my head as I was a first-time on-my-own person, after moving out of my parents'. A lot had to do with food, since my first goal was to start eating healthy right after moving.

-Baby carrots come in an enclosed package for a reason.
(I guess I tried putting them in a container for tomatoes with lots of ventillation and they went bad rather quickly)
-There is a reason why mashed potatoes are done with peeled potatoes + Russell Potatoes are not for mashed potatoes
(Yeah. Yuck.)
-Cheddar cheese is not for pizzas
(Didn't brown well?)
-Pizza dough can last forever
(I didn't die of food poisoning from using a home made 3.5mo old frozen pizza dough)
-There is such a thing as too many spices
(I do tend to over-spice my meals...)
-Squashes look a lot like cucumbers
(Guess who had raw squash in their salad and didn't like it?!)
-Automated state tolls give out $1 coins as change
(Pleasant surprise during my 15hr trip to IL. I do love those $1 coins!)
-There will be construction in every state you travel
(So plan for delays and knicks in your car)
-Mayo doesn't travel very well
(Attempted food-poisoning at forementioned trip)
-Coupons for car repair stores are good forever, even after expiry date
(Not sure? My mechanic told me so and it worked at a few different places!)

I will try to continue adding to that list, if only for the entertainment value... Do you have any such silly truths you encountered during your first firsts? (Like moving out, cooking with a new method/ingredient, doing new/unusual tasks?)


  1. Very cute! I love that you wrote this stuff down, too :)

  2. Yes when you move and you are looking for say the can opener, the minute you buy one you will find the one you packed!:)