Wednesday, October 31, 2012

November Goals

I haven't done goals in a while, so please bear with me. But during November, I'd like to...
- Make a dr's appointment for yearly check up (way overdue)
- Make an eye dr appointment. I still have about 2 months' worth of contacts (my year supply should've ended a while ago, but I've been using my glasses a lot), but my insurance restarts in January, so might as well use it
- Get $600 for my EF before the month ends. Currently I have it scheduled to $570, but getting $30 extra shouldn't be a problem
- Finish all Christmas planning. Shopping can/may happen during Black Friday or thereafter, but I want to have it planned out 80-90%
- That said... draft Christmas cards. More on that later
- Optional: Get $200-$300 for non Christmas-related Black Friday sales**

I added $290 to my Christmas fund thanks to my part time job's pay ($200), $10 extra in rewards from my credit card, and the Oct. mistake overage ($80). I will open the jar tonight and post about it tomorrow if I get a chance. I am at $505 for my goal, so if I have $85 in the jar, I've met my goal! (Edit, double counted the $80, so I need $165 to meet my goal)

Known unusual expenses for this month:
-$80 Amazon Prime. I get more than my money's worth with that membership, so I will definitely continue it, and share it with my family
-Dr appointment + Eye Dr appointment (no idea what the total will be, but let's set it at $100. My dr loves poking me with needles for some strange reason!)

About my goals... I won't lie, because lying never goes well. But that last goal is because I want to buy an unbudgeted, completely 'want'-type gift... for my dad. See, he hid pulled money for months early this year and managed to buy an iPad. You may remember me ranting about that iPad. What I didn't mention was that my younger sister took it one day a few months later (I think May) and left it in the car. Someone broke into the car and stole it, together with her purse and the car radio. The broken window had to be replaced afterwards. But anyway, my dad loved that thing. He's a gadget man. I may hate the iPad and all their hype, but he worked (literally and figuratively) for it, and it was taken from him. My sister never replaced it, of course, and my dad never would demand such thing. So yeah. Long story short, I'd like to contribute for him to get one. But not to worry, that is an optional goal. I won't jeopardize getting my EF to where it needs to be. I may use partial Christmas funds if I'm falling that short. But if anything, the bulk of that will come from any hours I get at my part time job, which has been scheduled to slow down significantly (but hasnt yet).

Cheers to a good November! And can we please tell the stores we still need to get through Thanksgiving before they start the Christmas music?!


  1. Great goals, good luck! :)

    Jaw dropped about your sis... no insurance on that stuff?

    1. Regretfully, no insurance on it. I don't even think Apple offers insurance on those types of devices, do they? They don't for the phones, last I checked...

  2. I agree with Carla..can't believe she would do that. And does your car insurance cover it?

    1. I never thought about the car insurance part (though I didnt learn about it going MIA until a few weeks later). I wasn't content about it, but can't force them to cough up $400, when they are unwilling to help with bills.

  3. "And can we please tell the stores we still need to get through Thanksgiving before they start the Christmas music?!"

    I have an even better solution to this....don't go IN the stores....or wear earplugs if you can't avoid the

    As for spending on long as you aren't neglecting bills or putting it on credit I say do what you want with your money. If you want to buy your dad an expen$ive electronic, go for it. I just wonder if this one will wind up in the hands of your sister too, since your dad doesn't seem to be able to say no to his kids? ;-)

    1. Actually, I do use headphones when I go shopping! I just think it's a bit rude at times. Had to stop in Target yesterday to buy new sunglasses, and they had that at the reg desk... not ready!

  4. that sucks about the ipad but i'm sure you'll make your dad's christmas...

    and speaking of holiday music, um yeah my co-workers and i were totally listening to christmas music in the car on the way back from our company's halloween party, haha! i guess i'm one of THOSE people! holly jolly!

  5. What a nice thing you want to do for your Dad!

  6. Hey Tanner, a bunch of us bloggers are doing a giveaway today and an iPad Mini is the grand prize. Come check it out and enter. You could replace your Dads iPad for free haha. If you decide to enter good luck!