Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just a quick check-in

Yup, we were alright after the storm, and glad to see most other bloggers were not severely affected. We saw lots of flooding (what can you expect, being in low, plain ground with no hills or mountains or anything to shelter or handle the winds). Some trees down, power went down in some areas (my brother lost power for a while), but otherwise, everyone is alright. Time to restart the rebuilding process.

Thoughts go out to families/friends in the more affected states (NY/NJ) and everyone that was affected by this storm.

It was so cold today (well, 40 degrees) that it was just one of those miserable days to be in at work, especially having to commute to/from it, with lots of closures due to flooding and standing water. Haven't even felt like checking up my accounts much, not that I need to. But this gloomy weather and gloomy situation overall is quite a downer.

Stay safe! Though the storm is through, it has created a lot of dangers (like the aforementioned standing water, flooded roads and branches across streets). Try to minimize travel as much as possible, but since that's not always an option, just stay extra safe. It's not so much your driving that has to worry you; it's everyone else's! And some people around here cannot drive in the rain. Period


  1. Glad you and your family are ok - thanks for checking in to tell us!

  2. Good to hear that you're fine and that your place and your family's place was not flooded. Last storm, we were out of power for about 5 days, so this time we prepared a little better - and didn't lose power at all. Only lots of flickering, but continuous power.