Monday, October 29, 2012

... And now my phone bill went DOWN! + Storm

Ok, strange morning today. Woke up extra early at my parents' house, since I spent the night over. It's blowing, howling, and raining hard. The town where I work is a flood hazard. Every time we get rain, the town floods. I'm talking about up-to-your-ankles flooding in the downtown area (where we are). So I was getting ready half hour earlier, in case my commute took longer because of traffic, but my manager called and say not to risk it. We're calling it off today because it's dangerous, and the town is expected to be blocked off by noon because of the water, so they didn't want us getting stuck there. Hurray!

I get some tea ready and turn to my emails. I see I have two unusually timed bills... my student loan 1 and my phone bill.

For whatever reason, my phone bill caught my sight quicker, as it said I owed $16 instead of $76. I've checked it out in the statement, and it says that because of "some changes", my bill has been changed. The only changes I made was change my due date from the 13th to the 18th because that works better with my budget. Now, I'm all up for such a reduction, but I don't want my December bill to be the standard $76 plus the difference! So I called and the lady confirmed the billing was correct (she didn't know/couldn't tell why the amount was different like that, but confirmed that my December/January and so on will only charge me for the $76. I'll take it! I'm still paranoid they may try to mess up in December, so I took the girls' employee information and made her make note on my account that I had called and asked in this regard.

Then I moved into my Student Loan 1, and that one had nearly doubled! Normally at $40/mo, the total due was $80. What was more alarming was that it said it was overdue. I will not have any sort of late charges or late marks on my account if I can help it! Again, with this one, I had moved my due date from the 13th to the 20th. I know it's a long jump, but the girl I spoke with said it wouldn't affect my bill. So after talking with a rep (and getting put on hold for two separate 35min waits), she had to get a supervisor, and they fixed it. They said that the timing of me changing the payment might've confused whoever processed the payment and they applied it to the prior month. Now it's back to $40. It's a good day already!

The storm is raging outside now, so I'll continue doing more cleaning I didn't get done yesterday, and hoping the electricity doesn't go off or something fun like that. Thoughts with everyone else who is in the affected areas. Stay warm, dry and SAFE!


  1. Glad you got your phone bill rectified! :) Stay safe!!

  2. Good! It's always nice when Mondays start out nicely.

  3. I've read several blogs lately where folks who have student loans are having all kinds of problems lately. Glad you got it figured out. Was your phone bill maybe a partial month billing, since you changed the date?

    1. I am actually not sure, neither was the rep, and she didn't seem to want to investigate. I thought it was a partial month (though $15 is a bit high for only 5 days. That's why I was concerned I'd be charged more in Dec, but she told me that is how much I owe for Nov, and Dec+on will be $76.

  4. I really hate having to make a career of calling and holding to solve problems from the mail.

  5. glad you sorted out those bills, it's annoying having to wait on hold but sounds like you've got your budget really well organised. Stay safe with those floods

  6. I have an idea of your locale, and I hope you check in soon to tell us that everyone is safe. You're not that far from me, although I'm west (across the water) and up on high ground. Check in when you can!