Thursday, October 4, 2012

Down to the last window

Dear diary,

I know we haven't spoken in a while. But it was mostly your fault for talking back to me. You weren't supposed to do that, least of all sneer at me messing up my last grocery receipt! But I come today to talk about my car. I must've jinxed myself when I mentioned on my blog that I was looking at other cars out of fear something may happen to my current car. You more know than anyone that I really dislike this car a lot. It's sort of like the uncle who insists your name is Benitto and asks you to pull his finger. Repeatedly. In front of other adults.

Yeah, we do have that sort of relationship, but as long as it takes me from point A to B in a single piece, we can stay friends. But these past 2 weeks it is taking our friendship to the limit. Need I remind you the car has never had working A/C? Oh? You remember? Ok, good. I wont gripe about that then.

The car has had a faulty R rear window for as long as I can remember. It had already been repaired twice before it went kaput and had to be stuck on the fully-closed mode. Last weekend (on Monday morning no less) I had to abandon trade the piece of junk with my dad's expensive piece of junk because the R front window decided to break and wouldn't go up. At 6:58am. Fast forward to the following Sunday, and me and my dad are enjoying quality time trying to fix that front window. However, the car decided that it really did not want to be fixed.

So we gave up and stuck a piece of wood to secure that the window would stay up. I thought 2 windows (L front and L rear) would be enough for all intents and purposes. And seeing that I was willing to compromise, the car decided that for the first time ever it would eat the only key to it within 50mi and lock itself. I pout all the time, but not like that! So we had to break into my own car. I suggested to my dad we put on winter masks. That should totally creep out the neighborhood.

How fashionable is this? Totally perfect for trying to pry your car open at 2 in the afternoon from your own driveway!

After all, it's not every day you see a pair of thieves trying to break into an old car with a pair of pliers and some long cables. 1.5hrs and 2 pieces of steel cable later, the car's paint was ruined and the door was opened. Hurray!

But oh, if I had only known my 'joy' would be so short lived. These silver linings have a shorter shelf life than dollar store milk gallons. Driving the perilous 5min commute from work to the room I rent on Wednesday evening, I gently pulled my two L windows down, just a crack to air the car that had been sitting in the sun for 9hrs. Only to find out the L rear window stayed down and wouldn't go up.

I went from 3 windows to 1 in less than 10 days! I am thankful that fall and cooler temps are among us. Actually, I didn't say thankful! I don't need any more punishment for being too complacent  I'll keep you updated as to what I'll do with that car... for now, please just stop laughing at my grocery store visits. It's not nice!

Sincerely, Tanner.


  1. I'm sorry that you're having so many problems with your car. That's really frustrating :(

  2. ugg! I know just how you feel. We had both of our cars act up on us within 12 days of each other this month. One got fixed pretty easily and inexpensively. The other is still sitting in front of our house waiting to be looked at

  3. Thats my picture in the ski mask. Please remove or ask permission to use.