Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Beckons

Yikes! Is it October already? That means Halloween!
For anyone that was ever curious, it seems a pillow case can fit about 47lbs of candy, or about 1.6k pieces! Arent you glad they make those small trick-or-treat bags?
Are any of you passing candy? I bought 2 bags of misc candy for really cheap a few weeks ago (thanks, Walgreens!), and will be giving that out to my parents so they can pass the candy. Down where I rent, Halloween is a BIG thing. And I mean big. They see in the 200's of kids every year. People drive from all around town and park their cars close to the neighborhood so they can benefit. Most people run out of candy before they run out of children!

At my parents, when we first moved  in, we would see maybe 60-80 kids. But recently, the numbers have dwindled to pretty much none. You still get the occasional small group of kids, but is it really worth it to buy a bunch of candy for the chance that kids drop by?

How do you calculate how much candy you buy? Also, what do you do with the leftover candy? (If you eat it all, we wont judge!) I took all of the leftover candy last year to a dentists office last year, where they were offering to send them over to our troops out in assignments. I guess that's one good way to save your teeth and do your good deed of the month!


  1. We might see more kids this year since we moved to one of the subdivisions in our tiny town, but I doubt either J or I will be home to hand out candy. J has school that night and I most likely will be working :(
    I love Halloween too. Oh well, hopefully next year!

  2. We never get any at all. Too far out back on a private road. I always buy a small bag "just in case" but we haven't seen a trick or treater since our neighbor kids were little.

  3. Well, you probably already saw what I said about it! LOL!

    1. 444--Don't say it too loud....she might hear you over here. lol

  4. We get about 50 kids every year. I usually buy 4 bags but if we run out, I dig into our kids'!

  5. We aren't home for Halloween because very few ppl in our neighborhood hand candy out. Instead, we go to my mother in laws with the kids and have fun trick or treating with them and handing candy out at her house.

  6. We will put out a bowl on the honor system. We typically get a max of 4 kids a year so if someone wants to be a jerk and take the whole bowl so be it.

    We will probably take our little guy to a local community event for his first halloween.