Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Musings for the week

I had forgotten there was nothing fun about working too many days. Somehow I pulled a muscle in my back sometime on Friday, and it really hurts; still hurts. I seem to be getting hurt/sore more often these days, and I should start paying attention to things. It didn't help I was feeling lousy on Thursday to begin with! I told you I was crazy to consider getting another part-time job. I think one is enough. For now.

Though speaking about jobs, recently I was asked again why I am at my part time job, since it is a LOT of very physical work (restaurant/hotel type setting). I may sound like a fool sometimes, but I truly enjoy it there, and I enjoy (most) of the people I work with to the point they've become an extended family to me. I also like my managers, and at the end of the day (or at the bottom of the night), I'm getting paid to socialize. It aint so bad if you put it that way.

I'm looking forward to the Friday after next when I get to figure out how to pay off the car. I can send a check and play the timing game, or pay it online and get charged about $10~$20 extra. I also promise I will stop talking about paying off the car by the 13th (or whenever the loan clears). I'm just very excited to see it gone.

I went back to my trusted old blue book and looked at the following paychecks, and sort of realized I've left $235 for paycheck 10/26 floating around, unaccounted for, that would've otherwise gone to either paying off the car or continuing paying off my self-loan. I enjoyed about an hour of daydreaming about perhaps buying a Kindle (the more I look at it, the more it looks like a big-time fancy want toy, but the more I'd like to have it), or maybe saving it to buy the new Blackberry 10 once it comes out in January, or buying a ton of books to keep myself entertained. Maybe buying some winter clothes? Something for me for a change. Would be nice, but we all know where that money is going. Sometimes it sucks being responsible! C'est la vie.


  1. Buy some clothes or some books. You deserve to reward yourself. I mean really if you had not paid off that card the money would be going to the car. You have been working really hard so for once buy yourself something.

    If your family needs it this time to bad. I know I sound horrible but really let your parents or brother be responsible this time. For once put yourself first :)

  2. I sooo agree with J!!! Do something for yourself!!! Sometimes when we have a little extra I split it 3 ways. 1/3 to EF, 1/3 to save for something we want but don't need, 1/3 to blow the heck out of. Congrats on getting that car paid off, you have every right to toot your horn. DO NOT TELL YOUR FAMILY you have a little extra!!!!!!

  3. Agree with the top 2 posters!! Use it on YOU!!

  4. Totally agree! Once the car is paid off, take a portion of the money & buy yourself a treat. Well deserved after paying off the loan.

  5. Thanks all. I think I may go with Debby's and split it to 3's. I'd really like to have some funding for myself! I feel budget-starved!