Friday, October 26, 2012

My phone bill went up! And more.

Last night I was prepping for this morning- Payday! So I was sorting through the stuff I had to do, and opened the phone bill online. And noticed it went up!... by 14 cents. Do you notice when a set bill fluctuates, even by a bit? It seems what went up was the Federal Universal Service Charge... whatever that means. Yes, I did track it down! Oh well. I'll survive and adjust.

Today, I'm heading from work 1 to work 2 with a 1hr commute as a break in between (woo hoo). I'm very, very thankful for the extra work, especially since it was supposed to be very, very slow this month, and the extra money is helping me rub a few sore spots from my budget (like when I paid the car off partially with my monthly car insurance contribution because both funds were together in the same savings account... it was only $90, but still!). I'll even be able to put $50 into my EF! Small, humble beginnings.

I brag a lot about my small blue book (mentioned/pictured here and here). I left it at work yesterday by mistake, and I'm sad to report it has made me a bit anxious! Although the book is safe, I guess I need to have it accessible. That's something I'll have to change soon. Perhaps I'll pass all my plans into an spreadsheet, just in case. I still like the constancy of it. Having things physically written down vs in a spreadsheet makes a difference for me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, and good luck to you guys on the northeast/hurricane path, as you prepare for a cold/windy weekend next week! I myself am a bit excited about it. I like storms and hurricanes. I hope I'm the only weirdo from your group that does too! Stay safe!

Oh, and head over to Judy's blog and check her awesome preparedness tips. She has all the bases covered! Wish I could do half the things on her list!


  1. Before we went to prepay iused to fight att every month on there taxes Especially there reconvery tax since they were not recovering anything from me

    So every mobth i called and every month the took off 4.18 My theory it was 48 bucks a month!!!

  2. You're starting off great with your EF!! :) Don't be discouraged.. you'll get there! We're still working on it too!!

  3. You are really cooking with steam when it comes to paying off debts and getting the bills taken care of. I also get tense about varying amounts of bills. I don't know why, but I want to know exactly how much each bill will be.

    I'm glad you liked my floss/pick fable. I have added a video, too. Anyone who doesn't like L.D. just has to be converted.

  4. I notice changes in our bills too. It all adds up!

  5. I definitely notice changes in our bill, since I go into bill payer (via my bank's website) & when I enter the payment amount, right next to it is the amount I paid on the last payment. Hope you get your notebook back soon! I have so many spreadsheets & word documents that I use to organize my life. They are backed up, but I panic when my computer isn't available & I don't have access to them. Even if I don't need them in the moment, I worry I may *want* them, & not have them. ;-)

  6. I make my budget on my computer then print it off and carry it with me everywhere, sort of like your blue book. I too prefer to have it "written" down.
    The hurrican is supposed to reach me in southern Ontario around Thursday. I'm a storm lover too and in my next life I'm going to be a storm chaser! What kind of jobs do those people have that they can be available "whenever" to chase a storm???