Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello, you pretty thing!

Completely unrelated and random, but I’ve been seeing this good looking piece of equipment around town…

I have never been one to be picky about cars. All that I've asked is that they go from point A to point B without coughing up their mechanical lungs or screeching loud enough you can hear them miles away.
I know I should never judge a book by its cover, a person by their clothes, or a car by the color of their paint, but that light blue really made me turn my head. Several times.

Since my last car died last October, I have started trying to develop a preference. It is a goal of mine to buy a car at some point during 2014. So far, my effort to develop a preference has been more about what I don’t like. I don’t like cars that look too long because of a 9th passenger row. I'm a bit partial to hatchback cars, leaning on the "no" side. I don’t like SUVs. Or trucks. I don’t like 2door cars. I don’t like them sitting so high up the ground that you need a step ladder to get in. I don’t like the change stick behind the steering wheel.

But that blue, oh yeah. I like that blue. It's a Hyundai Accent. I've always liked Hyundai cars. I think I am snapping a photo of that car next time I see it and putting it up my inspiration corner.

Have you found something that inspires you recently, and added that to your inspiration board?


  1. I think it's totally fine to find what you want by developing a list of "NOs"! :) I hope you get to purchase your car in 2014!

  2. So how have you been getting around Tanner?? When I retire in 2014 I am getting a new to me vehicle and I haven't fully made up my mind, maybe a jeep, or a used Land Rover...something that can handle the winter and rough back roads of PEI. I'll know when I find it! That car in your photo looks a lot like my Chev Cobalt - they're a pretty good car. I'm on my 3rd one!

    1. I've been getting around with a loaner from my dad. Well, I paid for it, but he found it for under $1500 from a lady he used to work for, so it's "his" car. I don't like it. It's a Grand Prix.

      And oh boy! You'll be retiring when I am just starting my (hopefully) debt free journey!

  3. I am rooling over a ford focus right now.

  4. Cute car. I have been thinking about a green house for 2 years now, someday soon I will be willing to lay down the cash, for now I just dream

  5. Hi Tanner

    I commented on Judy's blog re the car we saved for in 7 months . funny we had a inspiration board and I had a blog back then ( I since deleted it) but inspiration / vision boards are powerful beyond what is measurable to us . I had a Friday blog and needed a photo of the brand we we looking at it happened this way I blogged and mentioned that our car was on the way out and as such we needed a reliable dependable new to us car. Well wouldnt you know it, although we didnt buy that car we did test drive it and we bought the diesel one with higher mileage but almost identical to the T, ie same brand, model, colour, but with all the requirements that we had on our check list.

    As I said to Judy "i guess the place to start is go car shopping in as much as that you go looking for cars and decide on what your looking for even tell the salesman that you are looking for a car that your will be interested in XXXX period of months you may have some that will laugh at you but depending on where you go and what you are interested in you may be able to get someone who will give you an idea of what you can get and how much you are in for . This will allow you to go home and start a wish board/vision board of what you want to achieve and in how long "

    To you as well, Good luck with your search

  6. Knowing what you don't want is a good measure to for getting what you do want. I'm a big advocate for this.

    This inspiration board thing is new-ish to me. I'll have to implement one of these or something similar. My interest are always so short term though, they change a lot, sometimes they even leave and come back. Still I should implement on of these.

    And that really is a nice blue. I'm more of a dark colour person but that is a stand out colour. Accents are great cars.

  7. Oh .... I forgot all about making an inspiration board! I guess I can;t really decide what is inspiring me these days.