Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hump Day Brain Dump

I don't really want to write a "real" post today, because I'm still in a rather foul mood. So here's bits and pieces of everything, also known around the blogosphere as a "brain dump":

-I have not finished reading the first book, and we're 2 months down into the year. I'm not sure why, but after all this time, I just CANT seem to sit down and just read. I've been forced (sometimes voluntarily) to multitask. I can't multitask while reading and it drives me nuts.
-I have paid over $1,300 to my parents' household since January. UNSCHEDULED payments. Add the scheduled payments and the number goes up by another $1,100. I'm working on getting the unscheduled portion back (and already have gotten $550 back as of a few min ago).
-I don't want to look at what actually happened with the above statement, in terms of my Feb budget. I think it will make me sick, and I'm already feeling sick as is.
-I FINALLY reached the 25k points on my credit card. I'll be cashing in on that ($250 credit!) and cutting the card into tiny little pieces. I'll make confetti out of the card.
-I applied for a new credit card. I did so because I've been wanting a good card with decent rewards for when I dump my CC1, and this one had a $300 sign up bonus. I'll be using it same-as-cash (using it, then paying it off 2 days later with money already budgetted), but I'll be getting the rewards/points. I will be making that card work for me instead of me working for it.
-I found out my credit score is about 709 (out of 990 or something) according to the application from the credit card company, which did not qualify me for 'premium' rates. Which sucks. But it's better than I expected.
-I am still blissfully ignorant about credit scores and all that, but I hope the slight increase in available credit compared to what I owe will do me some good. 

Take a breather.

-I opened an ING checking account for easier access to my ING savings account. And there's a $50 credit.
-Total credits I can expect within the next 60 days totals $600 ($250 from CC1's 25k points, CC3's $300 sign up bonus and ING's $50 bonus). ALL of it will go into a lump payment to my CC1.
-I'm ticked off beyond belief at my parents.
-I haven't planned anything for either of my trips and I really have to. Especially the NY one.
-I'm getting knots on my stomach about my trip to Chicago. You know, those knots that go "what the $!#%^ were you thinking?"
-I gained 2 pounds. So my challenge update is rather sucky, at 3lbs lost. Stress did this!
-I have slept a total of 10~12 hours since Saturday.
-I need a haircut. I am getting a haircut. I don't want to get a haircut. I definitely don't want to pay for a haircut. But I need it and will be talking to a stylist today. Sigh.
-I am slowly catching back to all the blogs and trying to make a worthwhile post (unlike this one).
-I have the opportunity to get my own cellphone line. I'm looking into that.
-If I go for a separate phone plan, even if it will be more expensive than being in a family plan, I'll look into getting my own car insurance as well. That'd mean I'll fully be disconnected from sharing ANY bills with my parents/family.

And that's that. I'll be doing a review of February tonight or tomorrow. It is looking a really whole lot like a horror story, to be honest. Am I the only one that can't believe February is already gone? I hope not. I am also VERY glad it is gone.


  1. Wow that's a lot of money that you've paid towards their bills!

  2. It sure is a lot of money. No wonder you are sick about it! You know, somehow you parents got by with their bills before you became an adult and could help out. In fact, now that you are basically on your own, their expenses should have dropped. I think somehow they will manage once you get over your guilt at feeling like you have to help them so much. Hang in there!

  3. Wow, you have a lot going on. I think you really need to go get a good night sleep tonight :)Hopefully, March will be much better for you!

  4. GO YOU!!! Getting your own insurance and cell phone is a big step in the right direction!!!!! No need to look back keep looking forward to find even more ways to break the $$ ties to the family. "One family" is right, who the heck covered all the bills when you were a child? We had a family member at one time who would have sucked us dry if we let them, to help me not feel so bad I made a point of gifting them a few bags of groceries and special snacks every now and then. Let family phone calls go to your machine (you will be busy reading your book) that will give you time to come up with a plan to just say NOOOOO

  5. Listen, you need to take a serious blogging break from yours and from visiting others. You have a lot going on and the least you need to worry about is this silly little blogging world.
    Take time to breathe why don't ya!
    Your Friend, m.

  6. Hi Tanner: I'm with you - I'm very glad February is DUNZO! Onwards and upwards. The more you can do to disengage from the Parents FROM HELL the better. I know it isn't easy as I grew up in a very dysfunctional household. Finances were ok, but lots of psychotic shit going down. There's a lot of guilt and strain because they are your family, and you feel you're supposed to help your family. But your job is to look after #1, that is YOU.

  7. Wow, so much going on!! Don't forget to look after #1: YOU!!!

  8. you are rocking it on the credit cards! way to go!

  9. Is that all ya got?! ;) lol! Good for you not being on your parents bills, you need to take care of you!

  10. I wish I could help you more my friend, give you some super advice or something. You've helped me so much with different things and I don't even know where to start in helping you on this one.

    March is a new month. Review February, learn what you must, and forget everything else about it. Time for a fresh start.