Monday, November 21, 2011

Week Recap 11/21, pre-Thanksgiving jitters

Weeks run from Monday to Sunday. Here's what happened last week:

Thursday 11/17:
- $6.55 gift
- $75 for cellphone bill

Nothing really interesting happened this week, budget wise. I think that's a good thing.

Meal plan:
Mon: Leftover fried rice and ground pork, salad // Tue: Rice, fish and corn // Wed: Empanadas, salad, yogurt // Thu: Thanksgiving. (Sigh.) // Fri: Leftovers // Sat: Turkey sandwiches, potato salad // Sun: Rice and meatballs

[start rant]I know, I know. Thanksgiving. I’m as fond of that holiday as I am of... well, let’s just say I am not fond of it at all. I didn’t grow up with it, and it makes as little sense to me as celebrating Columbus Day back home. I actually don’t mind it because of the origins or background behind it.


At my parent’s house, Thanksgiving is as good of an opportunity as any for my mother to make sure that our half-full glasses are half empty or fully empty. My mother does cook a meal. I should be thankful there's food in that house for a chance. After my pride is gone or at least not looking, free food is still free food, which is good on my books. But the things you have to endure to get to the meal make me wonder if I should just go hungry or have a quiet dinner out somewhere else by myself. That would mean getting disowned and I am not quite ready for that yet.

I, by no standards, am I trying to be the spoiled kid that takes things for granted and isn’t appreciative of things. I mean that you spent the whole day under verbal attacks, yelling, hostile/snide comments about you and the other members of the family and loud obnoxious would-be religious/'holiday' music that only stops for her to curse and yell some more. And talk/lie about people/things on the phone to people you don't know. The dinner only gets better, but I digress.

However (again).

I do have a lot of things to be really thankful about. Besides my job (both of them), the rest of the things are out of state. But that will be a post in itself for Wednesday or Thursday.


  1. I think I'll spend all of Thanksgiving now hoping that you have a nice quiet day.
    Take care! m.

  2. When you are ready to detach from will.

  3. Holy moly. It was like that for my older daughters when they went to their Dad's house for a holiday. They have since disowned him. His wife was too much for them to handle. Guilt trips, and verbal abuse was not worth it.

    The holidays were always filled with love, food and laughter for me. I know no other way, and I wish that someday it is like that for you.

    Don't stay longer than you have to. It's not worth it.

  4. I wouldn't go... lol! I have no time, energy to deal with unhappy, selfish people in my life. You could always just "pop by", then leave early... ;)

  5. One word for ya.....EARPLUGS. ;-)

  6. What's that saying? "Grin and bear it!" Oh, and maybe try some ear plugs!!!

  7. @ Mark - Thanks, you rock!
    @ Misty - Sad but true, I will.
    @ Sharon & Carla - Especial dinners at the house are served no earlier than 10PM at night. So while I will delay getting there as much as I can without being a fifth wheel at my landlord's house, I don't think I want to drive back until the next morning. But I totally agree!
    @ Slugmama & Jane - Or very fine noise-cancelling headphones for sure!

  8. That doesn't sound like a very good time, that's for sure. I think when we are younger, like you are, we tend to put up with more and people we don't really like because we feel like we have to. As you get older you will probably realize you can make other choices about it. But, no doubt about it, holidays are hard to tell the family no. I sure don't miss the bad food and tension from my inlaws - and we only had to go there every other year, LOL. I hope you make it though the day with as little stress as possible.