Friday, November 25, 2011

EF is back on track!

I got paid today, and my savings account is up to $1,007! Wow! I got $20 more than I expected from my part time job (it pays off to stay after 2:00am!). Add to that $25 that I paid for my younger sister's phone that she repaid back. I am so excited. It took me a full month less to get to my goal than expected.

I normally wait until the next pay period to move anything to savings, in case I would need to use those funds (and avoid withdrawing from savings), but heck with it. I wanted to see $1,000 there!

This was mostly thanks to closing the doors on my Murphy family. They haven't had any utilities disconnected (yet), though they haven't really made any payments either (yet), so it is early to say if this is a good thing or a bad thing. This frees up about $200 for Christmas. I'm unsure if I want to add next month's $200 to my EF/Murphy fund or if to use it in my first snowball. I am leaning towards snowballs, as I am pretty excited to get that ball going. I can't think of a better way to start the year, if I say so myself.

All that I will say about Thanksgiving is that getting disowned was looking like the better choice last night.

Hope everyone had a great break, though! 29 days before Christmas, so it's back to the grind. Time to start formulating next year's goals and plans.


  1. Way to go Tanner! Super job on the EF fund.

  2. Good for you!! :) I'm SO proud of you! You could always put a *little* of the $200 into your EF, even $50 would be a nice little bump!! :)

  3. That's fantastic! Will be hoping the "Murphy's" stay away :-)

  4. Well THAT's happy news! Congrats! Same as you, I'd want to start snowballing - and starting the year off on the debt reducing right foot!

  5. Congrats and this is really awesome. I can imagine how excited you were that you transferred the money early. I think it is a great idea to start your snowballs but Carla also had a great suggestion of still adding a little to the EF/Savings. Could be even $20.

    Congratulations once more.

  6. Thanks, all. Carla does bring a good suggestion. I had originally considered $150 snowballs and $50 savings as a way to keeping the $50 for Murphy visits, but got overexcited for the prospect of my 'first kill'/snowball. I need not get overexcited and proceed with caution.