Friday, November 25, 2011

Another grocery store story

I promise I will stop posting these little grocery shopping adventures, especially when they are so small and relatively insignificant, but...

After a less than exciting Thanksgiving night, I was left quite hungry on Friday. So I decided, heck, I'll go get myself some food. Pre-made stuff I don't have to prepare myself. So I went to the grocery store with a certain $5 deal in mind. While I waited for my dinner to be assembled, the guy told me to go around and shop (I guess I was making him nervous), so I did just that. And there were two packages of meat that caught my eyes. Both of them were expiring soon, so they were on sale for $4.99/ea PLUS a $3 off coupon from each. I picked two packages and went to pick up my dinner and went to pay. The lines with cashiers both had two people waiting, while the self-checkout was empty. Heavens help me, I decided to try my luck with the self-checkout machines for coupons. Glad I did!

The dinner was $5 even, and the meat was supposed to come out to $1.99/ea, or a total of $9.51 after taxes. One of the meats wasn't ringing right (just my luck), so I had to call in for help, and the sweetest young girl came over. She was as confused as I was, but eventually managed to get the meat to price right. Then came the coupons... she scanned the first one, went ok. But the second one didn't, and it seemed to null the previous one. So after 6 minutes of fiddling with the machine, she entered the amounts. By this time, I was more than anxious to leave, and didn't quite look at the total. Didn't I just say last time that I needed to start looking at my receipts more carefully?

Anyway, I come home and eat because I was starving. I clean up and go look at the receipt (this was the same store that did not want to give me my $1.88 back), and the total on the receipt was $6.28 after taxes. Wait, what? I look closely and the coupon wasn't nulled on the first transaction, but she went ahead and took it two more times after that. So I got $3 extra! Or I got the $1.88 with interest.

Yes, I'm easily amused.


  1. It's a Black Friday miracle!

  2. Hey free meat is free meat.

  3. Sometimes it helps to be easily amused by these things. I know I am!

    Sorry your Thanksgiving didn't work out as planned. I'm thinking next year will be a good one for you.

  4. LOL - I'm glad you waited til you got home to check your receipt! I guess you're even now!

  5. Lol. The world is a cycle. Everything that happens comes back around in a circle. Karma included. Both good and bad. Seems like this was meant to happen.