Monday, October 31, 2011

Week Recap 10/31

Weeks run from Mon-Sun. This is what happened last week:

Tuesday 10/25:
$78 for mother's credit card. It was either pay up or add $35 to the balance as an overdraft fee. Sigh. Wish I could lie and say this happened Friday, but it happened Tuesday.

Wednesday 10/26:
$5.66 to replace cassette adapter for my car... (see, when I'm angry, I punch stuff and compulse-buy things. At least they're cheap things.)

Friday 10/28:
$24.38 - misc. groceries, used tons of coupons
$43.01 - Gas for my car
$180.00 - gas utility bill for my parents + Reconnection fee. Meh. Enough said.

Saturday 10/29:
$20 for metro card. First time I got one, and I'll be using this one a lot, so that's why it is fairly high.
$21.00 lunch for 2 (he paid for dinner)

Sunday 10/30:
$20.19 - lunch for 2 (he paid for entertainment the day before)
$2.50 - Toll money!

Overall, other than $258 spent on my parents, $100 of which were already scheduled for, I spent $136.74. The gas is coming from last paycheck's budget, which leaves me with close to $62 until 11/11. Not horribly bad, but so not proud of it. This coming week (or two) will see too many no-spend days! I am also trying to recoup at LEAST some of the $180 I paid on the gas bill, but once again, not holding my breath for it. 70% chance I wont get any of it back, so there.

On the cheerful side, my EF is up to $450! Also, I kept the $250 from my car (long story I dont feel like sharing), and I'm calling it my parent's EF. Alright! Things are looking rather decent despite the monumental challenges that keep sending me death stares across the pond.

Paycheck 10/28: $88.07/$150 -- Murphy: $158.00
Paycheck 10/14: $132.86/$150 -- Murphy: $0


  1. Wow that's a lot of money on your parents. I just realized that I haven't talked to my mom in a couple of weeks, but I know the bills are probably piling up on her. Uggghh life could so much happier.

  2. @ Michelle - I'm with you. Seems like we can put it off (and sometimes I do) but it just comes back like a very stubborn, unpredicable bill we have to pay...

  3. I think you are doing awesome. Bit by bit, you are going forward and that is the direction you want to go. Sometimes it's hard to realize it and sometimes it is painfully slow but $1 forward is still positive. Keep it going Tanner.