Thursday, October 27, 2011

Burnt out

I've been getting grumpier these days. I hit the car yesterday out of anger and broke the cassette adapter when it got stuck under the seat, which I will have to replace (they only cost $5...). But my point was made.

I've tried cupcakes and candies and cookies to no avail. I've come to realize, I'm getting burnt out of this budgeting issue. Especially when doing it for my parents. Having a blog about it has made me realize, gee. I do think about my budget and my expenses (and of course, my financial problems and fears) a lot more than I thought.

So I am going to do one final push!... next week. This weekend, I want to focus in having some fun with my half brother. Resetting my stress levels to something a bit more manageable. After that, I'll work on a 3-day bootcamp to figure out everything I need to figure out in regards to my parents. I'll (attempt to) present the findings to my parents, and have them take it or leave it. But that will be that. I wont think about it anymore. I need a break from them.

Of course I will need some follow up thereafter. I wont continue to senselessly hand out money. Which is hard, considering I fought for 2 weeks to get control of all the bills and must now voluntarily relinquish them. I do have my cellphone on a family plan with my parents, as well as my car insurance. But that's it. I've had both cut off several times because they forget to pay it or what not, so perhaps I should look into getting my phone service separate. I have toyed with the idea of not sticking around for the weekends at their house. Or maybe pausing my part-time work. I'll come up with details next week.

But yeah. I feel a little burnt out.


  1. Have you though about maybe getting a prepay phone? Take a break though everyone gets burnt out


  2. You're young, you shouldn't have all this stress... :( Have a blast this weekend with your brother! You deserve a break!! ;)

  3. hope you have a nice weekend with your brother. you have had a lot to deal with, no wonder your feeling a burnt out! take some time out for yourself

  4. Hi T! I saw you are now following my blog - thank you very much:) I have been reading some of your older posts - it seems you have taken on quite a debt burden not all of YOUR making. Your family situation, especially with your mother, also sounds unhealthy. I know for myself keeping my goals front and center helps me with my budgeting work. I see you want to move - perhaps keeping some photos around of where you'd like to move to would be a motivator. I'm planning a move to PEI when I retire and I keep pictures of PEI on my bulletin board beside my desk. They do help me stay (mostly) on track:)

  5. Hi there, thank you for leaving your comments on my blog. You are kind as you are still willing to help your family out. Fortunately my family is not in a as bad of a situation as yours. I feel it's a bit burden on my part with what I am dealing with but c'est la vie, they are family and at the end of day I won't be happy if I spend all my money on myself while watch them scrimp and live in poverty. I do like my sister and I think she can do more with her life so I want to help her to make that happen, but I need to convince her and bring her on board otherwise it'll end up being me nagging at her.

    You definitely deserve a break. In fact, may I suggest that take a little vacation say for a week and get away to recharge and to maybe come up with a plan with how much you could put toward your family's expenses. The way you are doing right now drains you because you feel like you have no control over it. Stuff come up and you help them out with it. What about setting a monthly budget of say $200 to help them out if they need it, if they don't, you can throw it toward your debts. If they do need the help, help them out, but do not go the $200 or whatever the amount you set for yourself.

  6. Thanks everyone.

    @ Jane - Hi! And thanks for stopping by. I do the same! Isn't that funny? I have a map of the place I want to move to posted in my closet, so I see it pretty much every day. It does help, or at least, it helps you keep on going when you totally want to go and bite the dust.
    @ TTCM - I have set a total of $100 every month that is treated as a bill, and this goes to my family regardless. But yeah, there are too many side expenses that come up, and they eat into my EF and would-be-snowball funds. Maybe I should up it to $200 and not go over it? As it is, it is exceeding my $100 budget most months. Thing is that their immediate deficit is not of $200/mo but of a lot more, and their Murphy loves them a lot more than it loves me. And Murphy loves me a lot...

  7. I kind of know how you feel. I also think you have a great plan to handle everything. Just stick to it and get some R&R in between. Sometimes just forget about everything and watch a show you love or listen to music or read a book. Just do something that gets you lost and takes you away form this world.