Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November! Goal Updates

New goals:
-Have 'the talk' with parents and decide whether to engage or disengage of their finances
-Catch up to parent's HALF overdue bills, totalling $1,325 (Half being $662.50... how the heck am I planning on doing this?!)
-Get EF up to $500 $650 (EF stands at $450 as of 11/1)
-Do meal planning for 2 of 5 weeks in November
-Exercise 10 days (any 10 days. Have to start somewhere.)
-Late on this, but I need to figure out Christmas. I'd rather not give anything out, and I am really not obligated morally or otherwise to exchange gifts, but it would be a nice thing to do. A nice, money-costing thing.
-Look at ways to supplement own income

Previous goals and how it stands: Green for Success, Red for Failure.
-Find the $800 missing to complete bare-bone household budget
Found $600, brother will have to do for the difference AND extra for savings. We'll see about that.
-Not spend more money (duh, not like I can!)
Car breaking down 10/7 (tow fee), overdraft 10/5 (from paying mother's card). Paid extra for mother's card 10/25 (caused the overdraft... vicious cycle), and something else I can't remember. Not bad for a few unexpected expenses.
-Plan outing/visit to half brother
Done 10/29... isnt it sad I have to PLAN this?
I know this doesn't sound important, but it was important for me. He's over all the way from CA and I want to spend some time with him. No photos, sorry. I don't even bother to take photos with my 1.2mp camera!
-Figure out cost of fixing all broken cars and/or at least fix my own car
Fail. Car broke down. Cost to fix all cars is $450-$600 depending whether we buy the pieces or order them at the mechanics. I really need to work on fixing the car the younger two use for school before they get into an accident because the engine shuts down in the middle of a highway like my car did.
-Keep $200 in EF...
Barely made it, thanks to my part time job. I managed to keep $200 most of the time. I dont count my part-time job's money anywhere in my budget, because it is not secure. It also varies a lot, and there will be weeks/months where I make nothing because of no work, especially in winter time. So not sure if this was a win or a fail...

All in all I accomplished 3, failed at 1 and modified one because of unforseen situations. Here's to a better month!


  1. You definitely have a busy month financially. Glad you were able to see your half brother. I am sure the trip was worth it.

  2. Wow, November is a full month for ya.

    You really are planning on paying half of your parents overdue bills?

  3. Wow lots to do. Hope the talk goes alright.

  4. I agree with Michelle and I do hope your talk goes well. Could you possibly pay a thrid fo their debts instead of half?

  5. I remember 2 short years ago being over 1100.00 short every month of my bills and I caught up by working hard. Can your mother not even get a part time job over the holidays to help? She might really enjoy getting out and a little independence. Just don't let her go retail! Good luck.

  6. At least you have a list of goals. I got nothing!

  7. I've read your blog from start to finish now and really it would make me sick to be in this situation. I think you need to cut your parents off. They are grown ass people and it makes me sick to see them take advantage of you. They got themselves in their situation and you are paying for it. If I were you, and I know I'm not, I would sit them down. Show them a chart of everything they owe and all their bills. Then flip to another page and that shows them all the money they will get from me in the future. On that page would be a great big ZERO. And then tell my mom that it's lucky that you haven't file a police report on here for identity theft. You seriously need to look out for yourself. They are draining you and one day you will end up hating yourself for what they are doing.

  8. You did great Tanner. Based on your situation you accomplished a hell of a lot. I think you did awesome and you are still heading in a forward direction so keep on going.

  9. Work has been crazy. When is work not crazy, anyway?

    @ Lisa, Mommy, Michelle, Mrs. M., Mark, Rafiki - Thanks for the encouragement! As clarification, I am not going to pay ALL of it. But I will work with them on getting them caught up. As I mentioned, they're short on the budget to begin with, so it will take a lot of discipline and extra funds to get them at least halfway caught up.
    @ OMW/Kim - If only. She's done some odd and end jobs before, but she hated them with a passion. She could go back home and get a decent job, but that would make sense... which means she wont do it.
    @ Jeff - Glad to have you around! I know, I know. *lowers head and looks at shoes apologetically* I know what you're saying, and a lot of me knows you are right. But as you've said it, this is something you would do. I don't think I am able to. I really want to help them, for my own wellbeing.