Monday, October 17, 2011

Week Recap 10/17

Almost forgot to do this. Been crazy at work...

But here it is.
My week recap will run from Mon - Sun.

Friday: (Payday)
$410 for dad's car
$330 split between CC1, CC2, L1, L2

And that's that. I managed to make it all week without spending! Mainly because I had $3.40 in my bank account since Tuesday after all hit from last week, but still! I'm content. Paycheck in, payments out.

Happy Monday.


  1. Excellent job! Are you keeping track of your no spend days? Alot of PFs do.

  2. Hey Mysti! I thought about that. But when things go as planned, I really don't shop a lot. I pay bills once every two weeks the same day I get paid (not sure if I'd count paying my parents' bills as a spend or no spend day), and then go grocery shopping once or twice every two weeks because I dislike shopping that much. Then there's gas for the car (once every two weeks for my car). Also, I shop when I'm thoroughly ticked off (impulse buying)... so my count of no-spend days would be very inflated. I just started recording my day-by-day spend, so maybe I'll do a recap once a quarter ends. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Just have to say I enjoy your blog and am so glad people are finding it.


  4. It's pretty awesome and your "inflated" no spends are definitely awesome. It shows you are a good planner and are very disciplined. If you keep that up once the debt is gone, just imagine the savings...