Thursday, October 20, 2011

Looking at the weekend

I was going to post something worthwhile yesterday, but the thunderstorm took out the internet very early in the afternoon, so that was out of the question. I'll save that post for later on.

I went grocery shopping on Monday (yay me), but forgot to use the coupon that made me go grocery shopping at that store (boo). That has been it for my expenses. However...

I am already dreading the weekend ever so slightly. It so appears that my mother, from out of the country, decided to take bills into her hands and out of mine. So yeah, disaster is to be expected. I haven't had the time (or desire, really) to look at what has actually transpired. I know she paid too much in one of her cards that I was on schedule to pay on Friday (with my dad's check), and made a withdraw of about $300. I was already going on -$300 for the week since (as I've mentioned before as bad news), this household is operating on a negative budget. So... it isn't looking pretty.

Come on, December... get here soon.

Oh, since I havent mentioned what's really going on in December, you know how those of us that get paid every 2 weeks have 2 months out of the year where we get 3 paychecks instead of 2? For my father, that will be in December. Mine happened either August or September, and I really didn't feel it because of all the Murphy visits. But I am hoping that with my dad's 3rd check, I can at least get mostly caught up and zero out... heck, maybe I can even save $100 out of it and secretly start their EF.

It all sounds like wishful thinking to me right now, but on we go.

(This is how I feel about it all right now.)


  1. Sorry, I hope things go better for you. The BF gets paid weekly, so in December he gets paid 5 times, and I get paid 3 times. It should be a good month.

  2. But at least you have a hard shell, right?
    Your Friend, m.

  3. @ Michelle: Very nice! Hope it is a GREAT month! Extra income is indeed the blessing in disguise for us bi-weekly people.
    @ Mark, Ha. Thanks, that made me laugh.